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Everyone knows commies had one of the harshest censorships. But russian putinists decided to outstrip even their own bloody predecessors.

Italian writer Gianni Rodari has been praised in USSR for his communism-inspired stuff, particularly “The adventures of Cipollino” tale which was a must-read book for all soviet kids and a popular animated cartoon. But now, not anymore – ruskies are too afraid of revolutions. It’s too complicated to replace all books at once so ruskies decided to begin from theaters – in putinist edition of the “Cipollino” play the vegetable citizens are begging less restrictive laws out of not-so-evil Prince Lemon, instead of overthrowing him as it was in Rodari’s original story.

Those overkill precautions could have been (logically) justified if KGB thug Putin had a foe in Russia to be afraid of. But all he has now is a whole country of drunk zombified untermensch serfs, who are already whacking each other in attempts to demonstrate their slave loyalty.