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“For 20 years, Jews of Crimea were living in peace. But when russians came, writing “Death to Yids!” has appeared on the synagogue.” (Ukraine’s Chief Rabbi)

This is the flyer published by russian putinist terrorists in Donetsk, East Ukraine.


It says:


In connection with the fact that Ukrainian Jewish community leaders supported Banderian junta in Kiev and show hostility towards orthodox Donetsk republic and its citizens, the General Staff of People’s Republic of Donetsk decrees:

All citizens of Jewish ethnicity older than 16 who live at the territory of sovereign Donetsk republic, must appear before the person filling in for ethnicity commissar prior to May 03, 2014 in Donetsk city hall. The registration fee is 50 USD.

You must provide funds of 50 USD to pay the registration fee, passport for religion mark, documents confirming your family composition and all documents for your real estate property and vehicles.

In case of evading the registration, guilty ones will be punished by revocation of citizenship and deportation beyond the borders of republic with confiscation of property.

Your people’s governor

Denis Pushilin”

Ruskies always used “Nazi” (anti-Semite, Banderian, junta, terrorist, Jihadist etc.) label for those people who didn’t want to put on the yoke of their slavery. For Finland, Germany, Hungary, Baltic States, Afghanistan, Poland, Chechnya, Georgia, Ukraine… What’s worse, the West still believes their cheap bullshit and carefully listens what stinky commie mouths erupt in full-auto mode, even when independent evidence is showing completely opposite things. Just like during the WW2 when ruskies labeled their own massacres as “Nazi atrocities” and army of useful idiots went singing their tune while red thugs were butchering European civilians.

How stupid one must be to not realize the fact? Russia enjoys with its impunity and grows its abominations bigger with each new day, far beyond any of totalitarian regimes ever existed at the Earth. Because if German Nazism (now officially the world scapegoat) was about elimination of “imperfect” people and creation of superior militarist human beings, russian one is just about flooding the world with shit. Ruskies don’t give a damn who exactly their enemy is – a Jew, an American, a German or even a fellow Russian neighbor who doesn’t want to live like drunk swine. All of those people will be called “not ours” by nation of eternal bolshevik untermensch scum. Will to civilized life is the thing russian thugs will never tolerate – so the civilized world must forget its past conflicts and act with the mutual intolerance towards those commie nazi terrorist subhumans.