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If you are one of the regular visitors here you should already know who is Boris Stomakhin. Otherwise read these publications.

On April 22, he was sentenced by russian KGB-FSB court of thugs for the second time, now to 6.5 years in the neo-soviet Gulag  – just for speaking the truth about gruesome putinist regime and the nation which supports it.

This is the translation of his last word statement (source: IPVNews.nl).

Kovalevsky: Defendant, the court gives you the last word.

Stomakhin: I think those who are here will agree with me that the legitimate recognition of this so-called sentence made by one of “Butyrskiy court” gang members can’t even be discussed. Only the full acquittance could have been the right decision here. But one can’t even dream about it within this terrorist state dictatorship. The entire essence of this disgraceful political lawsuit can fit in words “Nothing stings like the truth”. All those quotes used as evidence, all that is truth which stings for sure – so they are just mad on it, trying to punish me with inadequate jailtime.

I can place both-hand signature under all of those quotes once again. None of their showoff trials, no prisons and camps will make me renounce my beliefs.

If just for a minute, we leave off brutal crimes of Putin’s regime as apartment block bombings in 1999, genocide of Chechen nation, mass murder of hostages in Beslan and “Nord-Ost”, political murders outside of Russia and international terrorism (murders of Jandarbiev, Litvinenko, Berezovsky, attempted assassination of Jushchenko in 2004), assault on Georgia in 2008, bombing of Kaczynski’s aircraft near Smolensk in 2010, and finally, the military aggression against Ukraine with occupation of Crimea; if we leave all this brutal putinist crimes off for a minute, even then we’ll have a whole stock: 2010 law on “extremism”, Criminal Code articles No. 280 and its new edition with appendix 1, 282, 205-2 which legislate persecution for minds and words only. We also have so-salled federal list of extremist materials at ministry of justice website. And finally, we have lawsuits just like this one, against all “other-minded” according to those paragraphs and hundreds, if not thousands of political prisoners who are in jail just for speaking out their opinions.

So this, only those things which I named now, is enough to admit and openly declare that “the state of Russian Federation is criminal and has no right for existence”. It has no right for existence as Hitler’s Reich and Stalin’s USSR, whose traditions of repressions against freedom were fully inherited by Russia. In modern Russia, totalitarianism has been re-established. It (the country) has proved its own full inability to make any reforms and live according to rules of the Freedom. Therefore, it must be liquidated. This is absolutely inevitable, there is no alternative. It must be liquidated by any of available ways, the easiest and most effective one is breakup. That’s why the support of all national rebellion movements, for all ethnicities and regions (of Russia) is a duty of conscience for each honest man in the world.

Alas, at the same time, I must announce a sad thing: in fact we have no internal resources to fight for Freedom. It there are some people – their numbers are almost zero. Unfortunately, we can’t have a Maidan like the one in Kyiv. It has been proved by “epic Bolotnaya protest”, which ended so shamefully already in 2012. We have nothing of other. There is a serious trouble with internal resources. Unfortunately, only slaves and masochists are living in our country. So we have no other choice than seek external resources and support for Freedom fight, the fight against this neo-totalitarian putinist regime.

That’s why I, from behind those bars, this Putin’s chamber…

K.: Stomakhin, at the basis of part 2, article [unclear] Criminal Proceedings Code I interrupt your so-called phrase, cause they are not related to the case.

S.: Don’t plug me at least this last time!

K.: I named the paragraph and law. You can speak within the case.

S.: I do. I finish. From this Putin’s chamber, I call…

K.: At the basis of part 2, paragraph [unclear] Criminal Processing Code the court stops your last words statement…

S.: for NATO Central Command, demanding an operation against Russia, the one like against Milošević in Serbia…

K.: … and leaves for sentence discussion.

S.: … Qaddafi in Libya…

K.: The sentence will be announced at 14:00, April 22.

S.: …and Saddam Hussein in Iraq.

Listeners: Bravo, Boris! Bravo! [applause] Russia will become free! Putin will be executed!


Considering Mr. Stomakhin’s physical condition, severely harmed by escape attempt (trying to flee from russian “police” thugs, he jumped out of his apartment window, breaking his spine and leg) and subsequent prison term (2006-2011), there is a little hope for him to make it out of jail. But in the country of eternal slavery, “release” means just transfer to a bigger prison with more facilities under KGB-FSB supervision.

As a diehard Libertarian and anti-russist, Mr. Stomakhin has no support from “human rights” windbags, ergo, almost no international fame like pocket russian opposition (Khodorkovsky, Navalny, etc.) who dream about overthrowing Putin just to take his office and inherit the entire corrupt system with 140 millions of slaves.

One can disagree with Stomakhin’s fierce atheism. But he is absolutely right on the essence of congenital russian serfs who are longing for tyranny, destruction and aggression.

So if even Mr. Stomakhin will face his tragic end, let the truth not be overpowered by russian-made lies! Russian thugs can destroy people, but they will never destroy the Resistance which one day will put an end to their century-long impunity. Share the Truth, raise the vigilance and help bring the end of russian red Mordor closer!