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This gallery is for brainwashed sheeple who still think that there are good russians and their evil government. You won’t see those photos in politically correct media for dummies.

oldfart-stalinistsmad-bitch-2old commie bitchslaves



No comments. Just commies.

stalinists-and-fake assholeThis “sailor” is a habitue of russian military parades. You can read more about him and his comrades HERE.

And here go their young replacements.


idolRuskies always loved friendly regimes. North Korea, Hussein’s Iraq, Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela, African dictatorships…


rote-unterbussunterbussNothing can demonstrate commie loyalty more than using brand “stalin-bus”.

orc-hordeRussian fans are supporting their football team in Poland.


gulag-new-yearThis way, little ruskies are being prepared for their future slave existence shown above. Now this is more tradition than necessity for serf upbringing – generations of voluntary red serfdom had already completed the evolution of russian subhuman specimen.

Source: ipvnews.org, bolshoy63.livejournal.com, various news portals.