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With this post, I start a new thread: unknown quotes of famous people about Russia and its population. They wouldn’t be picked from German WW2 memoirs as you could think. Everyone knows what reasonable Westerners think about red savages. Now, it’s time to know the opinion of famous Russians on their own nation!

My gratitude to IPVNews staff and readers for the nesessary inspiration.

A collective image of the Russian.

“Always drunk up to cattle condition, envious, greedy, aggressive, dumb. The Russian banya myth instantly dissipates if you’ll pass by a typical Russian. Alcohol belch fumes and underpants which saw no laundry for a long time stink disgusting by itself, but it is also the smell of sour cabbage and cabbage soup, which russian just adores. His favorite pastime is lying on the stove and dreaming of a better life. Those dreams are constantly incited by the ruling elite.

Not inclined towards science due to his stupidity, caused by immoderate mash consumption. He drinks it because he just can’t make the moonshine – not enough patience. Of the entire language diversity existing on Mother Earth, he is fluent in only one – russian mat (dirty profanities).

Physically seems to be healthy, but at the same time suffers megalomania and chauvinism.

Declares himself as follower of the Third Rome, but in reality represents Sodom and Gomorrah. Aggressive. Very aggressive, what is confirmed by his regular occupation of foreign lands, where he settles as master and considers everything around his personal belongings.

This description of Russian portrait could be extended infinitely, but this would have been not as tiring to readers, at it is disgusting. Alas.”

-Maxim Gorky (Alexei Peshkov), Russian and Soviet writer, communist