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Ruskies never had anything against cannon fodder tactics. The reality of uncontrolled KGB power brought a new step in its evolution: bullshit fodder. Nothing creates an image of grisly bloodthirsty enemy (evil Nazis, Jihadists, Banderians etc.) of kind-hearted honest Russians amongst Western dummy russophiles better than some fresh russian sidewalk meat, mashed by FSB-KGB followers of WW2 NKVD torch-men.

After supporting the corrupt half-authoritarian Yanukovich regime, helping it to kill and torture protesters, invading the country with showoff denial of own military allegiance, torturing, murdering and robbing again, ruskies started their usual street organ about “evil Ukrainian Nazis” and their lapdogs (or just useful liberal idiots) gladly joined the howling worldwide.

My readers are not liberal idiots (let alone lapdogs) so I won’t waste my time proving already evident things, like justified self-defense and especially, anti-terrorist operations which can be carried out both by special forces and volunteering civilians.

Pioneer perpetrators of Holodomor famine genocide and Red Terror got away with no punishment and raised up a new generation of thugs, which now returned to repeat foul gruesome deeds of their lowlife ancestry. So if even the Labor Union house in Odessa has been set ablaze by Maidan activists with flamethrowers – they had a right to send russian murderers to Hell in any way. Just like a homeowner in any free country has a right to take a shotgun and blast out burglar’s brain, protecting own life and property.

Even only a few of lesser CRIMES committed by russian GRU, FSB and their supporters (who are, BTW, have nothing in common with Ukrainians. They are descendants of proletarian chavs, which bolsheviks relocated to occupied lands to replace murdered natives) are enough to kill any of those red scumbags at the spot. Let alone the Trade Unions house arson in Kyiv, when russian thugs and their “Berkut” lackeys deliberately burned down the building used as Maidan hospital, killing several dozens of wounded protesters inside.

But instead of throwing russian thugs back to fire where they were crawling from, Odessites were helping them. Isn’t this too quick for “Nazis” to change their “evil” mindset?

The fact is that fire had started in several places. Note the intact window (photo, video at 2:06), behind which the Molotov C.T. blaze occurs. At this time, the house was under full control of pro-russian separatists and their terrorist GRU commanders who were shooting at people outside, which means, with the 50/50 possibility, this could be either drunk ruskies finished badly with fiery toys – or traditional BS fodder strategy. And if you considering the following…

1) Photos and statements of numerous witnesses show clearly: “victims” made almost no attempts to escape or at least protect themselves from poisonous smoke with wet cloth. Most of charred (or not) corpses remained in free-fall pose, like they had been knocked out right at the spot. Neither plastic nor common chemicals can cause an instant paralysis. But special nerve agents can, and ruskies have a long experience of playing with those substances (BTW, their usage in the international warfare is strictly prohibited… But when the nation of terrorists was giving a damn?) During Nord-Ost siege, they “liberated” hostages by gassing everyone. As a result, many of exhausted civilians didn’t make it even to hospital. Ukrainian experts say that was the similar substance, delivered to Labor Union House 3 days prior to the clash…

2) Meanwhile, eyewitness reported several russian terrorists wearing gas masks retreating as soon as the fire started and army stock of brand new gas mask filters found near the building in separatist tent camp, captured right before the final storm (photo 1, photo 2).

Russian image is so unpleasant that if they say two times two is four, you get a wish to check it with calculator” (from IPVnews.org forum)

Well said indeed. But the nation of slaves and their KGB thug leader doesn’t even care about truthful shape of their BS anymore, considering everyone in the world fools.

The impunity always was an illusion, and the resistance in Ukraine, so unexpected for putinist thugs, demonstrated this once again. The end of russian Mordor has already begun – when ruskies chose their way to slavery the last time, in the last year of XX century.

The world may be far from perfection, but far not everyone here will agree to put on the neo-soviet Putin’s yoke which this megalomaniac pervert has prepared for the entire Earth. Russian invaders can’t understand Freedom, but they will know its taste the hard way, which feels just like hot lead and smoke from thousands of barrels. And its triumph – burning ruins of the filthy heart of Russia named Kremlin. Then, it will be a real reason for russian bullshitters to whine about their dead comrades, but they won’t.

Because they will be too busy trying to hide their thuggish asses from deserved punishment.