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Another new thread: EUSSR.

I always hated stereotypes and mainstream. Even writing about them. But sometimes the satisfaction from smashing dumb mainstream prevails upon disgust, just like in case of recent Euro-rage over the perception of progressive, tolerant and unique Conchita Wurst in evil homophobic Russia. At least how it’s being imagined in washed brains of mainstream junkies.

In my teenager years, I’ve read a very good book by experienced author, a teen psychologist with own dissident hippie past (if you didn’t know, hippies were outlawed in USSR). Here was a phrase on homosexuality: “It’s just like having only one ear or six fingers on one hand. Those people have the same rights as everyone else, but recognizing such physical features as normal is nonsense”.

That’s the thing to realize for each and every libtard who wants to enforce the caste society rules. “I’m a LGBT, I am a top of 21st century human evolution, gimme this, gimme that, you won’t kiss my ass – you’re moldy chauvinist, heeeelp, evil homophobes are everywhere!!!” (By the way, conservative putinist idiots who can’t distinguish KGB bullshit from evident facts and learned nothing from History aren’t better.)

Personally I don’t care about anybody’s sexual orientation or weird preferences unless it’s being bragged with and praised as fetish. Especially with political purpose. And especially when there are problems much more serious than someone’s perverted narcissism.

Logic (if this word can describe chaotic set of stereotypes and mantras) of EUSSR dummies is very similar to actions of little brat who craps his pants just to piss adults off. No matter how it’s inconvenient or humiliating for themselves, they will do things completely opposite to what their enemies do. Just because.

“Nazis outlawed homosexuals? To that, we’ll make them into privileged caste! There was a cult of perfect human body in 3rd Reich? To that, we’ll praise ugliness! There was a clear definition of gender roles? To that, we’ll mess up everything so even the devil won’t guess who is who!”

It would even be funny to watch at if not applied for serious domestic and international matters when for russian aggression, they have a mean answer of showoff weakness, army of pacifist fanatics and teddy bear bombers to demonstrate how they hate war. (Too bad russian orcs won’t even notice it charging towards Brussels.) Or, the top of European courage – a childish bullying, just like they did the last Eurovision on russian contestants (Not so long ago, Europe was kissing commie asses of their predecessors in 2008 and 2012 – trend changes, huh?) or terrorist and murderer Anders Breivik, who got 21 years of free sanatorium for the expenses of taxpayers, including victims’ family members. (In my humble opinion, roadside gallows is the only place where such murderous scumbags belong). All the enraged Norwegians could do is sing some leftist childish song, trying to get on his nerve (yes, childish songs mean so much to bloody terrorists…)

Apparently, they don’t realize that if one turns Nazism inside out, the resulting antonym won’t be deprived of authoritarian essence. Indeed, this perverted political creation gets all chances to outstrip its infamous adversary predecessor – because in contrast to Nazis who at least were fit and strong enough to fight against russian aggression for a while, modern EUSSR libtards dream about a miserable existence for natives in their perverted neo-socialist caste society of endless restrictions and castrated minds. Ruskies will be able to round up the rest with no trouble for themselves – thanks to “non-violence” masochistic cult and hatred towards guns. That is already a tradition in European mentality which doesn’t distinguish between “force” and “violence”. And most likely, between the good, the bad and the ugly.