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This is a typical russian conversation those days – coimmie praisnig and mad roar about the new Red Terror for Ukraine, which they dream to turn into second Chechnya (you are always free to check it yourself or go to any russian social network or forum with a Web translator).

I never pursued a goal of changing russophile zombie mentality or challenging their lackey propagandists. No one can fight like civilized men do and win the honest war against walking shit (or speaking scientifically, hazardous genetic waste) with zero humanity and negative decency – the word “honest” means nothing to russian subhumans. They deserve only a total annihilation made by experienced CDC-like forces. But their blatant neo-soviet BS all over the world is at least serving one useful purpose: now one can quickly find out who is who, just by checking their opinion about the red Mordor.

Russian commie orcs are not people. But those who worship this KGB-made nation of genocide and terror are even worse – because in contrast to lowborn rote untermenschen, they had a free will and a civilized world to choose.