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“There are two of Rus’.

The first one, Kyivan, is rooted in the world, or at the very least the European culture. It recognized ideas of good, honor, freedom, justice just like the entire Western world.

The second one is Muscovite Rus’. A savage brute mongoloid Rus’ of taiga. This Rus’ took a bloody despotism and wild rage as its national ideals.

This Muscovite Rus’ has been since long ago, is and will be an absolute denial of everything European and sworn enemy of Europe.”

-Aleksey Tolstoy, so-called “Comrade Count (“Red Count” in Russian)”

His nickname isn’t a joke. Despite being a descendant of russian nobility, for some regular blood ruble wads and cheap fame amongst less fortunate russian serfs he became a personal worshiper of dictator Stalin. But even this despicable crawling serf creature hasn’t been able to miss the evident difference between the people of Ukraine and his fellow russian cattle.