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Various remakes of russian (or soviet, they share the tune) bullshit anthem are old kind of fun amongst native dissidents. But a revamp of its English poetic translation is a new amusement invented by me, and Russia Day is just a perfect day for its establishing. Here, Paul Robeson’s (a famous commie asslicker) version was used as source.

United forever in filth and in serfdom,
Red russian Mordor through decades endures.
The land of GULAG keeps its essence through ages,
And mad commie dream putin’s dogs will secure.
Damned since long ago, nation of whores and thugs,
Who trample on Freedom, took slavery as pride,
Rot in their native filth, drink off their pea-brain heads,
Under red star shine for scumbags worldwide!
Away from the Liberty, back to tyranny,
Congenital slaves will never complain.
They have KGB arse for licking and praising,
And put all brainchild Western errands in vain.
They fought for own serfdom, enslaved the neighbors,
Now dreaming about the same for entire world.
A horde of shite-stewing drunk commie assholes
For sure needs a lesson of hot lead be taught.