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This is my translation of Dr. Sergey Melnikoff’s (MFF) interview on Radio Chicago russian-language show by Marian Belenkiy. While Mr. Belenkiy’s arguments represent a typical mainstream opinion of russian “intelligentsia”, his illustrious guest has the groundbreaking facts you never considered but won’t be able to refuse.

The translation was made by personal MFF’s approval. Original recording is available at the Free Speech Website.

M.B: Good evening in Israel, Kyiv and Chicago. Today we have an awesome and unique person here – Sergey Melnikoff, spelled with double F. Shalom, good evening, Sergey!

MFF: Good evening.

M.B: With great interest, I introduce our guest… Yes, and today a large group of listeners has joined us. Those listeners came from Sergey Melnikoff’s Websites, so for them his introduction is not needed, in contrast to my personality. But not everyone is familiar with Internet[unclear?]. So, I present our guest to you. A meritorious anti-soviet activist of USSR, top enemy of Russia, Russian nation and our “dear” president; Soviet GULAG survivor, granted American citizenship by personal authorization of the President Reagan. Founder and chief editor of well-known “Free Speech” and “GULAG: with a Camera Round the Camps” Websites, which have more than 1.5 millions of readers. By the way, they are closed… banned in Russia. Our guest has 3 university degrees and a PhD degree in sea biochemistry. He is one of the most famous photographers in the world, worked in 153 countries, which, as I think is almost entire world except for North Korea. His works were presented to Queen Elisabeth, George Bush, Sultan of Brunei, Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II, King of Nepal, Patriarch of Kyiv and all Rus’ Filaret, Roman Pope, Dalai Lama and… I have not enough on-air time to name everybody. Sergey Melnikoff is the only man awarded by Order for the photograph. Recently, he got the Order of Saint Vladimir the Great in Ukraine, personally from Patriarch Filaret’s hands. Sergei, before I give a floor to you so you could tell what’s going on in Kyiv today and what will happen tomorrow, I’ll take it myself as a radio host, cause I learned with curiosity, that Putin had awarded 300 journalists for “truth about Crimean events”. For some reason I got no awards so I’ve decided to write a short “honest” report on events in Kyiv.

“With impatience, the natives of Kyiv are waiting for glorious Russian Army that will liberate them from Yiddish-Banderovite oppression. Meanwhile, Banderovites are coming… “This is something horrible” says Mrs. Blahblah, well-known in her district. “They kill for speaking Russian, right at the streets! Hey man, won’t ya gimme some change so I reward myself with a hootch for my truth?”At the doors of apartments where russians live, they write “Moskals live here”. There are huge posters “Death to Yids and moskals” all over the city. Girls of Kyiv are preparing holiday dresses and flowers to greet russian liberator warriors. Meanwhile, the outlaw fascist junta which usurped the power is discussing a full ban of russian speech. For using one, they suggested a 10-year-long deportation with no right of correspondence, or execution by firing squad. Throughout the entire Ukraine, they compose lists of russian Jews to carry out pogroms later. Deportations of Russians from Kyiv and other cities are being prepared. Russian newspapers, radio and TV are forbidden. “Dear uncle Putin, save us from Yiddish Banderovites!” wrote a 9-year-old boy in his letter to president. At the envelope, he marked the address with his childish handwriting: Moscow, Kremlin. We’ll hope the letter will reach its destination.”

Now, tell us what REALLY today… how you, well… it’s hard to say “holiday”. How you celebrated this day and how are you preparing for “liberation” by the “glorious russian army” tomorrow.

MFF: How? Shoot ’em, shoot, hang. It will be just like you said (laughs).

M.B: Mmm-hmm. Got it.

MFF: (laughs) We have a Banderovite named Kolomoyskyi here, we together are used to…

M.B: You know, speaking about Kolomoyskyi one must say “Yiddish Banderovite” now.

MFF: Yes, this new definition “Yiddish Banderovite” will most likely be listed in Wikipedia and Oxford dictionary soon.

M.B: Without any doubt, it exists and in fact has become his official title. Yesterday I got a photo of such writing at the Central Mall, so it’s already not considered a slur. Something like “generalissimus” more likely.

MFF: Speaking seriously, this New Year tree which is still at the Maidan… A tall one, 20 or more meters high, has a HUGE poster which says “We love Russians, hate Putin”. Personally I, in my Soul, completely disagree with it. But one can’t deny the fact.

M.B: Yesterday, we had Nesterenko here and he said an interesting phrase. In his opinion, 95% of russian population are subject to putinist propaganda. This is horrible. Unfortunately…

MFF: Let me try to explain. For 30 years, I’ve been studying what the contemporary Russian people are. Speaking “Russian people” I mean the entire community which lives at the territory of Russia. Including Chechens who serve Kadyrov, Jews, natives of Caucasian, Mongols…

M.B: We’ll consider them “Homo Soveticus”.

MFF: Yes, it’s “Homo Soveticus”. You know that entire world is calling natives of Russia “Russians”.

M.B: Yes, we are Russians too, and your Lena, despite living in America and our listeners – everyone is Russian…

MFF: Yes. Maybe, only natives of Ukraine will be called Ukrainians, to separate them from the name “Russian” because of recent events. What’s about us, for everyone we are “Russians”. For Germans or Americans – completely no difference. So, by and large, why all this happened… I’ll explain to you in five minutes. Everyone has school education. At least everyone heard what genetics is. The genetic science has a blunt rule of selective breeding. Now I’m speaking without any irony, completely serious, like an experienced…

M.B: Like a biological science PhD.

MFF: Yes. The brightest examples here are Lenin, Stalin, Brezhnev, Putin and grandpa Michurin.

Let’s take rat or mice population. For Mother Nature, everyone are the same. She has one rule for everybody, cause she is the God, whose name we always try to capitalize.

Let’s carry out 5 generations of experiments on initially healthy population.

First one – the revolution. Elimination of leaders of population and its isolated groups, including all their family members. Arranged moving of stupid individuals with evident degenerate features on those vacant places. Number two – Civil War. This is still the same first generation, just more aged. Here comes elimination of the bravest, most experienced and most principled males in entire population. Removal of the most of their females and children from the population, beyond its boundaries.

Second generation – the Red Terror, organized starvation, GULAG. Elimination of healthy youths from the newly formed family couples, liquidation of old degenerate leaders, replacement of them by new ones with apparent signs of delusional behavior. For the purity of experiment, elimination of no less than 50% of healthy individuals in the entire population is mandatory.

Second World War is for 3rd generation. 30%, without any selection, will suffer total elimination – like it happens in war. For the rest – elimination of the strongest ones (those who die in wars first) and handicapping of 10% with preservation of their reproductive functions.

Now it will be 4th generation. There go local wars: Afghanistan, Angola, Caucasus, locations all over the world. Selective elimination of the smartest and quickest youths. An important note here: during the entire experiment, 20% of drinking water must be replaced with alcohol of different strength and some specimen regularly drugged.

5th generation, the last one. Promotion of the most sly and evil specimen into leaders, continued elimination of the most smart individuals, active accustoming to drinking, open access to drugs. Encouragement of copulation with degenerates. The result is here. This is the introduction to Natural law in a nutshell.

M.B: I got it, Sergey. Unfortunately I’m not agreed with you because all processes described by you happened in Ukraine too. Moreover, there also was an arranged Holodomor, which seriously damaged the gene pool. Why then the results are so different? You say that Russian nation suffered degeneration and it turns out that Ukraine hasn’t?

MFF: Ukraine just confirms what I’ve said to you, cause everything that happens in Russia, comes about in Eastern regions of Ukraine, where the people from Russia were imported. You are true: they mowed out those lands with Holodomor and imported lowlife offspring here. More exactly, children of GULAG guards and butchers. Such things do not happen in Western Ukraine, because they have gene pools preserved a lot better. I’ve been working in Ukraine for 1.5 years, of them 10 months in Lviv, this “Banderovite capital city” speaking no Ukrainian language. I’ve been speaking the same Russian as now. I have no “American” writing on my forehead, do I? So they were perceiving me as a Russian. Working on “Ukraine” album, I was regularly coming to those scare-quote “Bandera” villages in the middle of nowhere. In Transcarpathia no one speaks Russian, they really don’t understand it. The first thing I used to hear there is “Oh, you are from Russia? Come with us, we have a dinner ready!” I’ve said everything here.

M.B: Got it. But if it really has been so, then entire East Ukraine would support Putin and his politics. We don’t see that.

MFF: Not entire. Because, excuse me, they are still thinned here. At least 3 generations have changed since Holodomor of 1933. Why did the Ukraine rise up, as people say, “Melnikoff was intended to wake Russia, but Ukraine woke up instead”?

Because the value of Freedom must be placed above own life. As did those hundreds of lads, who were coming with only wooden shields against sniper bullets by their own will… I was participating in all those battles, so I speak it not figuratively or cause I heard it from some old wife. I’ve been photographing them so now I have a gigantic “People of Maidan” exhibition, which I will demonstrate in all capitals of the world – we’ll speak on this matter yet. They are Heroes. True Heroes who were fighting. Do you understand? When you see 300 thousands of protesters, who rise against their Government, but they sing a national anthem of their country… one must dive in this and see everything. This gets you entirely, from heels to scalp. In Russia, people aren’t capable of this. Not because they are oppressed – here, the people have been oppressed no less. They were shot as hares. There is not a single country in this world which got its Liberty for free. It was always taken with blood of their best sons and daughters, U.S.A is the good example here.

M.B. Yes. But maybe, the anthem is the reason? Russian one is just disgusting and impossible to sing. As a writer I see that Ukrainian anthem is very expressive and passionate. Maybe this is the trouble? There was another anthem in Russia, they wanted to return it…

MFF: Let’s look for the source, shall we? Why do they have such an anthem? Just because they want Freedom, which is not some kind of indefinite substance. They have been fighting for the human Dignity, up to this day. If russian army comes, they will stay here forever. Six feet under. Do you know many of billionaires who donate one million of Hryvnas to families of each victim? This is a tremendous wad, hundreds of thousand U.S. Dollars. Or those who pay rewards for seized russian invaders and their guns, $ 10.000 for each captive? Do you know many of such billionaires? He isn’t a leader of this revolution – just a sidekick.

M.B: Who is it?

MFF: Poroshenko for example. But I was speaking about Kolomoisky here. Poroshenko is the “chocolate king”. THE king in the true sense of this word, a billionaire. It’s him who was standing at the bulldozer which attempted to push “Berkut” away from Bankovaya street. He was trying to resolve a trouble with peace negotiations. Do you know many of billionaires who would go here in evening or in the night where it’s very possible to get a bullet or at least a brick in the head? It seems to me, he ended up being wounded right there.

M.B: And no millions will help.

MFF: Yes. This is the Soul. Another Soul. Do you understand? Completely another Soul, despite they still have a diehard soviet mentality. The simplest example is the “People of Maidan” exhibition which I already mentioned. It is under official promotion of the Patriarch Filaret. I called electoral headquarters of Mr. Poroshenko, who is intended to run for President. For 2 weeks, if not more, we’ve been working on the project of his campaign, which we planned to organize in all cities of Ukraine. We got no answer. Can you imagine that in U.S. some common voter, not a big corporation, writes to presidential candidate and gets no answer? They are still Soviets, a pure kind of. They will be crawling out of this state of mind for a long time. But the most important thing, an instant change of mentality, a turning point, has already happened. Putin and russian people just helped them here, to become a nation.

M.B: In your opinion, when did this instant change happen?

MFF: It has been happening during three months. It was growing… As I’ve said already, I was participating in Maidan activities from its first day, for all three months. In the beginning, I was taking photos of smiling people with balloons, activist scarves, teddy bears, children in strollers… And then, it began to grow and grow. The first crisis happened, when for some reason they needed to beat 300 of students and foreign reporters to bleeding. The next morning, half of million of people were out. Do you understand what this means for Kyiv with its 4 millions of population? In fact, there are 45 millions of people, so, 1% of country population was standing in the city center.

M.B: Or the quarter of the city population.

MFF: Yes. They were getting people here for free. Watching the news, one could see it. I did it regularly to track the growing tension. Everyone was coming – to Maidan. Like this: they call “Everyone to Maidan!”, you go out, ask any driver and he will give you a ride without mentioning any fare. So the Maidan has been able to gather 10…20 thousands of people in a single hour, and this was considered a small group. But no cops can disperse it. Furthermore, I took part in the night fight when they tried to suppress the Maidan by force. They provided a dry way to retreat on 3 sides and begun their assault from the remaining direction – APCs, water cannons, fire trucks and huge, really monstrous spetsnaz group – about several thousand of them.

We had even women there, and they came after work… I’ve got photos where fancy-dressed ladies in all those expensive coats, gloves, boots form a human chain, about 300 meters long, to pass cobblestones – in the vicinity, all roads have been already taken apart. Do you understand? One should see all this. The nation was fighting for Dignity and won. And THIS nation can’t be defeated by anyone.

M.B: Sergey, where one can see all those photos?

MFF: There is a Website. A very simple domain name “worldphoto.us” with a tree structure for other Websites, I have about 30 of them. To get to “Free Speech” without typing hassle, search the word “Gulag”. Just google “Gulag”. First link will be Wikipedia, and the second one – “Gulag: with a Camera Round the Camps”. Solzhenitsyn and others will go next. Cause 1.5 millions of readers are doing their job and sometimes bring me ahead of Wikipedia.

M.B: Got it. I’m going to ask you more about the exhibition. We have many listeners in America and someone might be able to help you with it.

MFF: OK, thanks.

M.B: Sergey, I’ve got a simple question which may seem foolish to you, but I’m here to ask foolish questions. Why one needs exhibitions when all those photos are available in the Internet?

MFF: You know, it’s the same difference as between words of my story and real Maidan. There is not enough words to convey… Photos can be different. I have designers working up to 1 week with EACH of my photographs, 150 of them for this exhibition. That’s why one must see it. We still go to the movies, though it’s possible to watch everything on PC for free. By the way you should say “Sergey Melnikoff from Florida, temporary residing in Kyiv”, not “Sergey Melnikoff from Kyiv”. You are confusing people here (laughs).

M.B: Not bad either. So you are somewhere close to Nesterenko? He is in Florida too.

MFF: Didn’t knew that. I had left Florida a long time ago – year and a half already.

M.B: So now you’ll know. And what is the room size required for your exhibition?

MFF: There will be no rooms. It is the street exhibition. I need 400 meters of any street in the center of any big city. There will be double-sided billboards, 1 meter by 1 meter, mounted on special stands with car tire base, which is as a symbol of Maidan. 50 of them, with a photograph on each side. They are wind, water, rain, anything-proof. To visit the exhibition in the Internet and reckon its level, there are 20 or sightly more pictures – go to worldphoto.us or my main resource, just google the memorable word “GULAG” and you’ll see “GULAG: with a Camera Round the Camps” at 2nd or 1st place, changing positions with Wikipedia from time to time. Through it, you’ll be able to locate all of my resources. They are huge, with tens of thousands of articles – there is something to read for everybody. Now, using the opportunity, I want to thank those of my readers who helped me during the Maidan confrontation. Back then, I called for help. There were a lot of young people from orphanages, already adult but still unemployed and without place to turn. From the group of those boys, I had 5 of 15-year-olds here, I’ve created my own brigade. It required constant upkeep, of course armament, ammo and so on to take part in those actual military actions – let’s call things with their own names. So I’ve called for help on my own site. The amount of donations collected has been considerable even for American standards. There were just a few people, 20 or 30 of them but they were doing it regularly. I want to give a sincere gratitude from my heart and Soul to those people.

Now my guys are in the National Guard. They have matured and turned into REAL Men in those 3 months. What’s about me… As they say, God will remember it. And just a warm feeling. Those who want to support the project of exhibition which is under personal patronage of the Ukrainian Patriarch – again, welcome to aforementioned Websites, where you will find a PayPal button. If some city or your radio station in Chicago wants to arrange an exhibition in the city center – welcome, we consider all offers.

M.B: You know what is surprising? For 41 years, I’ve lived in Kyiv and for 22 in Israel. I remember Ukraine as the most asslicking Soviet republic loyal to USSR. They said “Cutting nails in Moscow, chopping fingers in Kyiv”. But it turned out that in 23 years or even much lesser time, Ukraine and Russia have become completely different nations.

MFF: Marian, this is extremely surprising for me, firstly, because I study the “homo soveticus” and their life, in full meaning of this word so I think I’m ready to start writing a dissertation on it. Secondly, I know their mentality very well. I visit those countries regularly to have a perfect knowledge. Though I am American for 30 years, actually I’ve been there for only 5 or 7 years in total. The rest was for wandering around the world – man needs a time to visit 153 countries. So I’ll say that no other nation today causes such an admiration with its struggle for national conscience, its homeland and worthy status of this land. No country has troubles as Ukraine does. It’s being deliberately pulled into the civil war, thanks to Prickhead Putin. I came to commieland, but found myself in a worthy country amongst worthy people. I watch them in absolute admiration. It’s especially pleasant to feel while my Grandfather was a Cossack chieftain – so I have my roots tied to this land somehow.

I am very ashamed that we, I mean our great U.S., for some reason can’t go the same way. We are worthy – but for some reason we can’t support other worthy people. We, I mean our administration, just make idle threats, blabber and mumble. We must act in honest, worthy and patriotic way like Ukrainians do. Where has the spirit of Reagan gone from Americans? I am very interested in role of ex-ambsassador to Russia Michael McFaul in the establishment of russian fascism, not least with his “reset of relations” program. In my opinion, our administration is a kind of leftist university graduates. They always had leftist lean there, but one can’t make experiments on the country. I mean, the U.S.A.

M.B: Sergei, you’ve said you have several thousands of articles. Do you have any books published which can be bought, ordered or just read online?

MFF: I had my book published already in 1994, when I was working as a volunteer at the Pentagon in POW – Prisoners Of War commission. I was searching for POWs who went through GULAG, because all American prisoners of North Korea and Vietnam wars have been passed to Soviet KGB and placed to GULAG. Moreover, I was a leader of Ukrainian commission branch and had a secret mission here. I came here with military intelligence director – now I can speak about it openly. In 1994, which is already long time, this book has been published in U.S.A, in English. “POW Americans are always assets.” I just had no time for more books. Maybe when I become old, I’ll write a memoir (laughs).

M.B: Yes. Sergei, this is astonishing information, I never heard about American POWs in Soviet Union. A separate show or separate book is definitely needed on this matter…

MFF: We can have a separate show.

M.B: How many people you’ve found so far?

MFF. Three of them. This must be a new talk, I can’t tell about that briefly.

[Incoming call]

Caller#1: I have no comment, just connected lately… Sergey, can I have your contact info and please, repeat your Website address?

MFF: Write it down. MFF – first and last letters of my family name, at, MFF, dot, name.

M.B: I think, if one will try and search any system for Sergey MelnikoFF, the result will come out at once. At YouTube or anywhere…

MFF: There are many of them… Yes, BTW, I’d like to say thanks. In your LiveJournal, you gave a link to fake KGB-made Wikipedia page under my photo. There, they call me a con artist with no education and so on…

M.B: I understand. But what they write is still interesting, info will always be info…

MFF: (laughs) How I “walked away” from USSR to China and then “just relocated” to U.S?

M.B: I’ll definitely remove it, but clever people who want to get true info from the primary source will find it despite everything.

MFF: Leave it, this doesn’t bother me in a slightest. What’s about fools, I don’t pay attention to them.

M.B: That’s right.

[Another incoming call]

Caller #2: Hello. Thank God I’ve made it here. Many thanks to you Sergey. God bless and save you. I’d like to tell just one thing, to all of you guys who hear me. Russia is the land cursed by God. With each meter they were seizing, they earned damnation. Just imagine, how much of it is upon them with a territory they have.

MFF: I completely agree with you.

M.B: I disagree and have to end the talk now – using my radio host right, as I think with a beautiful move. Putins come and go, but russian nation and country stays. Russia was and will always be a great country, no matter what assholes and scumbags are in Kremlin now. You can disagree with me.

MFF: The last phrase – let me say this one. Putin is just a face of russian people.

M.B: Not agreed. We are russians too, as well as our readers in Chicago. There are many decent people amongst Russians. Don’t say so about everyone.

MFF: Nobody denies that. But the decent people here are very badly outnumbered by indecent masses.

M.B: Unfortunately, that’s right. I just want to say that you are Russian, and our listeners, readers, including ones in Russia, though there are forbidden but people avoid it… I hope that Russia will survive somehow. You may laugh, but I hope for a coup d’état like it’s usually done there.

MFF: If this happens, I won’t oppose. Nobody can wish bad things to huge amount of people for no reason. If they will have their own Maidan, I will support it and say “Russians, move on!” in joy. I announce it with confidence.

M.B: There, I agree with you and on this optimistic tune, much to my regret, I must end this talk. We had Sergei Melnikoff here, who lives in Florida and resides in Kyiv now. Thanks to all listeners, goodbye and greetings to all ours.

MFF: Thanks, Marian. Bye.