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News from land of lackeys named Estonia. A gang of drunk russian chavs who were wandering around Tallinn together with their leader, Putin’s whelp film director Govorukhin, assaulted a couple from Ukraine for question about Crimea. (Source) No arrests were made and by European tradition, no one of ruskie perpetrators will be punished.

Like country, like its “elite”. Always brave in crowds against disarmed people, but crapping pants if they encounter armed resistance. In Estonia, any “tibla” chav feels here like home, cause gun permit is a caste privilege issued by russian asshole officials and assault is not considered a crime, if committed by ruskie untermensch.

Hey you, frozen dimwit commie-loving Baltic ass-kissers! You think NATO will save your slow asses? Then I gonna bring a little disappointment in. No one will risk his life for those who don’t want to do anything themselves. You’ll end up in putinist GULAG. Camp toilets need cleaning and you just belong to russian latrine duty.