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“Photos can’t convey stench, used syringes which are everywhere, dog shit (yes, despite the “forbidden” sign dog walking is regular here) and other details of russian spirit” (quote from original publication: Drang nach Osten).


This is quite ordinary to see in most graveyards in Russia, reputation and location doesn’t matter. Photos above were taken at German graveyard in St. Petersburg, so-called “capital city of russian culture”. Like nation, like culture.

This was done not because of hatred towards “evil Nazis”. If ruskies see some grave unattended for several years, they do the same regardless of religion of its deceased occupant(s). Or just dig the remains out and throw them away to sell the “vacant” land to some rich kingpin for a traditional bribe.

I doubt this nation can have respect towards anything except their criminal dictatorship, commie BS and permanent congenital slavery. They don’t deserve even a roadside burial (which now is a military honor in Russia. Common russian soldiers are being dumped into lakes by their comrades).

Roadside gallows are the only proper place for those commie subhumans.