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This is a russian flyer from Simferopol, Crimea.

982Is says:

“Citizens of Russia!!!


Though the peace was established at our land, there are still some scumbags left, who are longing for chaos, disorder, war…

And they live amongst us, make shopping in same places, use the same public transport…

You may know individuals, who were against returning Crimea to Russian Federation or participated in regional “Maidan”.

Such individuals must be immediately reported to FSB, located at the address: Simferopol, Franco blvd, 13

or by phone, call 37-42-76 (anonymity is possible).

We must stop the fascism!”

Russian bolshevism with complete set of its subhuman features is not an ideology – it is a congenital nature. If even just one ruskie stukach survives deserved nuking of their commieland, he will most likely rat on himself as “evil Nazi warmonger, capitalist spy, public enemy and American mercenary”.