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Russia may have its industry deep where the sun doesn’t shine. But until last of ruskies will get a deserved rope, they possess a guaranteed manufacture which needs no machinery and works better than anything in Russia.

One should admit that almost every living creature has to do it occasionally as mandatory part of life cycle. But only ruskies (and some apes) consider it a lifestyle and method of interaction. Russian innovation here was taking it as proof how “great, god-bearing, highly moral” their nation is. Like nation, like morality.

978Russian power always was an illusion, overblown by useful idiots worldwide and guaranteed by mainstream weakness. In Ukraine, ruskies were brave only until facing organized resistance. Now all they can do is try to hide behind civilians (according to official doctrine of their asshole leader), run away with crapped pants, get deserved lead anyway and be buried in roadside muck. Or go full-auto in only truly russian art shown above. This became especially hard to miss when commies got their asses blasted in Eastern Ukraine – hysteria of their fellow comrade bullshitters was much louder than joy over “liberated Crimea”.

The last thing could be amusing if russian subhumans were locked down is some kind of zoo behind armored glass and concrete walls, with barbed wire and machinegun posts by perimeter. But unfortunately, they still possess civilized equipment to abuse and free outbound access to World Wide Web to shower unsuspecting Westerners with their… “brand product”.

I’ve already mentioned how the West begins to notice evident things (at least, after years of brainless one-way “partnership”). But it’s still a politically correct mainstream, which never reveals a true picture for those who are too afraid of calling things with own names.

In the next few publications, I will share unique experience of native (dissident) anti-russist community, whose members, despite being outnumbered by a horde of russian mercenary and natural trolls, demonstrate a perfect example of resistance and cleanness in the modern world of double standards, where the (bull)shit is not considered one if made by untouchable putinist commies. It’s time to blast this vicious “tradition” and despicable commie lackeys who try to enforce it.