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Terror, grief, calls for “investigation”. And rare sparks of common sense, not extinct despite of long mockery and harassment campaign by russian lackeys worldwide. This is the picture of common opinions this day, bloodstained with another russian war crime.

“Scumbags from DNR (pro-russian “people’s rebublic of Donetsk”) were taking chains, rings etc. from corpses, stealing roadcases. Those sons of bitches will burn in Hell!” _Yana_P

Having confirmation of “you-know-who” analyst visits to my Website, I can’t miss an opportunity to say a personal word for them.

Are you satisfied now, smart-asses? Still wanna continue “alliance” against non-existent threats, let ruskies shower your country with commie BS and worship sacred cows made in KGB, calling people Nazis for word of truth?

Silencing russian crimes and handing over Lech Kaczynski to bloodthirsty neo-soviet Mordor apparently was not enough for Putin’s satisfaction. Instead of calming down, ruskies so unexpectedly went completely mad, demanding more and more blood of innocents. Russian genocide in Chechnya was a maturing ground for neo-bolshevist rabid dogs like Girkin (Strelkov) and Bezler (Bes), unleashed on Ukraine by their KGB master Putin. Not during Crimea invasion or separatist campaign. They already announced their presence during Maidan revolution with tortures and murders. What the Hell you guys were thinking? Maybe that KGB top dog needed those henchmen as personal volleyball team?

Now, Ukraine is only a beginning of the new russian invasion whose plans have much more than Europe in sight. Looks like some of you are completely unable to make logical conclusions out of relations between past and present, believing KGB asshole Putin like a 5-year-old retard believes his molester.

I gonna tell you a little “secret”, which isn’t much a secret for anyone who got some real life. You are trying to bargain with thugs who have no slightest idea about dealing. No matter how smart you are in plans for future, you will always end up stabbed, robbed and mocked, unless you start calling things with own names and stop treating thugs like heroes (and vice versa).

Crime is crime. Terrorism is terrorism. And your so-called “partners in global counter-terrorist war” are just bunch of nuke-welding KGB commie asshole thugs who laugh at your stupidity.


Looks like untermenschen are strong enough again for their usual hobby of shooting civil aircraft (for those who forgot: Korean Air Lines 007, 1983; Korean Air Lines 902, 1978; Aero O/Y OH-ALL, 1940). Or, what seems more likely now, the West is weak enough. Murdering Lech Kaczynski and his Government, ruskies got undocumented 100% impunity which is, in fact, a genuine russian dream (so don’t worry, libtards, ruskies have no reason to falsify statistics anymore. Those who live in Russia now are truly happy with their commie pigstall). There is no need to remind what comes next after such kind of “amusement”.

What can I say as conclusion? I’ve already said everything about russian Mordor and its incurable subhuman population long before this terrorist attack, or war in Ukraine, or even the Maidan events took place. If someone preferred to keep his head deep in own ass listening to elitist BS, it’s their own fault.