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“If the West will be silent and therefore agreed with aggression of Moscow, soon the Europe will become just one of russian internal affairs”.

-Dzhokhar Dudaev

Leaving alone certain names and places, try to answer a simple question.

There are two counties, for now just A and B. Country A does everything to please B: banishes B’s regime enemies and deports them back to B for tortures and harassment, supports B’s economical and military development, prohibits discussion of B’s past war crimes, welcomes family members of B state administration responsible for at least three invasion wars. When (at least, though everything points out to something more) told to be silent about the elimination of own opposition who are long-term adversaries to B, A gladly agrees. As if it wasn’t bad enough, A disarms its citizens, spreads official propaganda where weakness and perversions are proclaimed top ideals (while traditional manliness, women’s beauty, dignity etc. condemned as evil). Finally, A makes basic human activities forbidden or so difficult to achieve they are nothing more than caste privileges, so pitiful common people waste most of their personal time to overcome troubles created by tzar officials, perfectly happy with government they have or just not thinking about it, perfectly happy with hippie mentality. Then B murders some of those A’s common people in one of its traditional terrorist acts, having completely no fear of responsibility before A…

The question is, can anyone call country A independent and safe for its own citizens?

As you maybe already guessed, A and B aren’t fictional at all.

Until this Thursday, relations between sissy libtard authoritarian EU and neo-soviet totalitarian Russia bothered almost no one except of a few true dissidents, Chechen freedom fighters and maybe some Ukrainian activists, who begun to join this party of denials recently.

The relations between reformed Ukraine and EU were crucial for many Ukrainians during the Maidan revolution – much more than for Europeans, who were caring only about showoff silent “stability”. Now, people finally start to realize a true price of “European dream”, an ugly creation of commie whore Merkel and her castrate buddies.

How stupid one must be to call EU members “free countries”? The new Europe where people do not have even a right for own life anymore? The question of life and death belongs to bunch of bloodthirsty russian terrorist maniacs, commie subhuman scum. When those thugs were murdering and harassing people who escaped from Russia, especially Chechnya, no one cared, trying to keep “good relations”, following putinist demands no matter how absurd they were, sucking on gas lines from red East. Too bad this little cozy “everybody loves everybody” show with concealed butchery ended so painfully for the mainstream – but that’s already a natural law, working despite all BS.

EU is just like a WV hippie van with KGB lackey behind the wheel. Everyone is jolly and happy, smoking weed, having “free love” – enough fun for the entire trip. The problem is, even the longest road must end somewhere. And the “fun” route of hippie-esque EU, planned within Lubyanka walls, has a very certain destination.