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I have completely no pleasure publishing those Boeing crash site photos (collected from dedicated Ukrainian websites and Twitter accounts), but someone has to do this job and politically correct media isn’t likely to change its usual underreporting style.



BsxyXmECcAElnR0Bswq_gjIEAAiq5G14056217009138640x480 Russian SAM hit caused the airliner to disintegrate in the air, leaving some of its pieces, passengers bodies, personal belongings scattered around unburnt (in contrast to ones found at the crash spot). People were sucked out of the plane and falling to their death from cruising altitude…

105572_1945778_originalbitchThis is a screenshot from Instagram account of some terrorist’s girlfriend. “Mascara from Amsterdam, more likely from the field… ya got it” boasts this russian bitch. (Currently, her account is hacked and purged)

untermensch-2Looks like it’s her looting scumbag “boyfriend”.

scumbag2Or maybe this one.

The modern justice based on “human rights” is useless against this subhuman filth. While the West was blabbering about “independent investigation”, terrorists already tampered with evidence, including corpses (just like in 2010, after murdering Polish government), without forgetting to mock the dead and steal almost everything that survived the crash.

Now this can happen in any country if russian subhumans come. And they will definitely come, under a renovated neo-communist “russian world” ideology – the only question here is when.

The way to dispose of red threat once and for all has been known since long ago. To find out the answer, one doesn’t need much. Some common sense, working brains to cut the mainstream BS off and restored manliness will do. Then, the Justice for nation of scumbags will be only a matter of time. Red subhumans can walk out from smart-ass libtard court laughing, but they’ll never be able to get past good old Lynch law – the only right way to deal with those murderous commie thugs.