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Another addition to the gallery of shame. A new personal putin’s lackey is named Steven Seagall.

Looks like pedophile terrorist Putin went completely desperate for keeping his fake machismo. Queer Wolff, old fat drunk Depardieu and libtard imbecile Duchovny obviously failed to do the trick, so now russian top dog is gathering “tough guys” around himself in last attempts of BS upkeep.

A word for those who still consider themselvers “conservatives” and worship thug Putin like “comrade Seagall”, being in fact nothing but commies.

No way, ruskie lackeys. Now even the commoners know who your idol is. The only serious problem remained for the people is to remember what must be done with traitors, but it’s just a matter of time already. Nobody wants to be mashed by putinist thugs or live in russian pigstall (except for you who plan to get caste privileges by kissing KGB arse). And only a complete imbecile or mercenary bullshitter can blabber about “manliness” (let alone “brotherly” feelings) of those who hide behind human shields and boast with it.

In fact, even young girls from the Maidan have much more manliness than you terrorist-loving commie scum. They weren’t afraid to fight against the regime of pro-russian thugs when nothing has been guaranteed, while you were praising KGB terrorist dictator like his personal castrate fag slaves.

BTW, Russia is one of the most anti-gun countries. So shove Kalashnikov up your commie ass together with russian citizenship you are so eager to get, KGB terrorist worshiper, Night Whelps buddy, “brother” of murderers and thieves Steve Scumbag!