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A short story from Ukrainian social network.

“Volunteers called me and said “Machine-gunner needs warm clothing, it’s cold”. So I came. I waited. And then came some young girl. Small and pretty. Said about the call. OK, but where is the machine-gunner himself? How do I know his size?

“But that’s me!”

I just winked in astonishment.



Sparkles flash in her eyes.

“How!? How do you carry all that!? RPK, armor, ammo? Just how!?”

“And two radios, along with medkit for my silly fellow soldiers”.

I turned to salesperson and ordered two sets of thermal underwear.”


Well, women in Ukrainian military are not so rare as author likely used to think. Video reports on preparations (some of them made before the war) show female trainees who announced their noble intentions, and, as we can see now, enforced it.


Or you are on the same side with your lackey officials who already decided to feed russian Mordor with European flesh? Because of those russophile scumbags who rushed to deport me after ritual persecution ordered from Russia, I had to escape your lands before I could manage to stand my ground and join the brave people of Ukraine. Nevertheless, I can handle military stuff and will gladly use my skills on russian subhuman invaders when they come. (So all russophile lackeys who were looking forward to “neutralize” me and please their masters can f%#k themselves now.) But what’s about you? Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?