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The following words are not mine, therefore I was amazed to see something that likely expresses my own opinion.

Peace march” just causes more and more disgust.

“We exist! There were twenty thousand of us, not just five! No, wait, there were eighty thousand of us!”


It was clear that you exist, even without your marches and balloons.

Did your march manage to stop at least one “Grad” strike on Ukraine?

You say, one shouldn’t judge Russia by its scum like Girkin.

But Girkin-esque scumbags don’t have to pass through metal detectors while coming to kill people in Ukraine.

Girkin-esque scumbags aren’t afraid, they act. That’s why it’s right to judge russia so.

Nothing but fear and understanding of own loser attitude forbids you to take apart fences, disperse police formations and set up a camp in Moscow.

Nothing but your own sticky fear forbids you to organize squads and send them to border areas, to prevent murderers from getting into Ukraine.

This would have been a real action. Not walking like sheep, mocked by chavs and police both.

And don’t start your “non-violent resistance” blab. In Russia, this is a direct support of violence.

“At the meeting, I was spat at three times, punched in the face two times, arrested BUT TWO PEOPLE WINKED AT ME, THERE IS MORE AND MORE OF US!”

Keep inflating your balloons. You really exist. And there is no exit.

Ugh… Just disgusting.”

Sergei Turkanu, Moldavian film director