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Ukrainians deserved reputation of humorous people not for nothing. Of course, as everyone else (except for russian serfs), they do not have endless patience but even when they get angry there can be something to laugh at. Or maybe take it as example, especially for EU where russian infiltration and corruption are often not better than in Ukraine, but still no sight of jolly guys to provide russian lackeys with unforgettable experience of unplanned trash diving – literally.

During less than two last weeks…

1. Treacherous “ex-” party of regions activist Grushevsky had a close trash encounter after facing the evidence of his own dirty deeds recovered from Yanukovich’s stronghold;

2. Yanukovich’s lackey Pilipishin got a face full of red paint and was thrown where he belongs;

3. Anti-Maidan deputy Zhuravsky was shoved into dumpster right near the Ukrainian Rada;

4. Corrupt social insurance fund official (who stole money for children of refugees) met the same fate in Odessa.

5. There were no dumpsters nearby, so guys just whacked another russian lackey.

6. More involuntary dumpster diving in Kirovograd.

7. If commie trash doesn’t want to come to the dumpster, it can be delivered right to the spot.

Looks like there’s much more to come. Way to go, Ukraine! Next time, it would be better to chain up those dumpsters and send them back to Russia where subhuman waste belongs!