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Street scum, fag with underage experience, looter, thief, imbecile drunkard and just big walking piece of shit – a nice bio to boast with.

Are you surprised? I’m not. Russia is a world septic where this waste belongs.

BTW, stealing from own kind has always been considered one of the lowest things even amongst criminals. Now degenerate ruskies have abandoned those traditions and praise rat Putin as their kingpin, let alone old fat swine-faced commie bitch Depardieu.

If Law and Order existed in Europe, he would be a highly demanded sweetheart for many desperate fellas during a long stay behind bars. Or a crow’s roadside gourmet if all this happened several centuries earlier. But as there is the age of liberalism and “tolerance” towards all kinds of scum, he, just as his scumbag master Putin, enjoys a crowd of brainless admirers.