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Government mercenary troll “Internet brigades” in Russia may look like a brand new job for general public, but not for those who know KGB style. Cooperation with mafia, support of terrorism worldwide, freelance gangs to eliminate “people’s enemies” both in prisons and on the streets, torture interrogations – that’s just few of their basic features. The same comes for their FSB successors. The most recent example was a chav campaign in Ukraine during Maidan, when “titushki” thugs from Eastern regions hired by russian-made Yanukovich regime were regularly assaulting activists, terrorizing entire cities. (Thanks to outstanding bravery and high-standard organization of protesters in Kyiv who managed to gather strong self-defense quickly, russian lackeys failed their main mission. BTW, thugs often didn’t even get their sop from arrangers who stole it by russian tradition.)

Amongst numerous obviously bolshevist features, Putin’s neo-Soviet “vertical of power” (and its foreign offspring) inherited the very essence of political thuggery from its commie predecessor. Many authoritarian and totalitarian governments marked their existence with millions of graves, but before the communism (embraced by russian serfs with fanatical ardor), none had army of thugs at their service, thuggish mindset as official ideology and congenital desire to mutilate “others”, seizing their wealth under slogans of bolshevist “world revolution” (or putinist “russian world”).

On their own, russian trolls couldn’t be anything more than porn-addicted perverts and rabid apes running aimlessly across the Web, just like without the communist regime, CheKa/NKVD/MGB/KGB/FSB mass murderers would have been nothing but hoodlums, street filth and small-time loser thugs.

The main difference between commie countries like North Korea and Russia is that latter one learned how to use (abuse, to be perfectly clear) features of 21st century instead of just locking serfs in a pigstall with no Internet access. Of course they would be happy either way but dictator Putin has better plans. Congenital russian idea of drowning entire world in shit (now called “russian world” instead of “world revolution”) can’t be achieved without modern technologies. So they embraced the latter, using habitual scapegoating for another worldwide thuggery just like many times before. To organize walking human-like abominations that ruskies are into some repressive structure isn’t hard at all – each of them is longing for a chance to do what all thugs want to, especially when reward from the state and impunity are guaranteed. Many will join regular troops (or trolls) on volunteer basis just because of hatred towards “those fascist Ukrainians” who dared to overthrow russian-backed gang (let alone “decadent imperialistic West” daring to live in cleanness, Law and Order). And there is always a place for all kinds of scum in Russia, either with AKs or with computers. Murdering, raping, looting during another terrorist invasion or throwing shit from safe spot somewhere deep in their homeland. For a miserable sop or just because russian subhuman now has a fancy easy-to-abuse computer with broadband Internet connection and wants to show the world how “great” and “spiritual” he is. The plain fact that computer has no single russian-made part only boosts ruskie megalomania.

The West finally begun to notice only after commie shit started flooding their streets. But before all this, there were years that changed russian Internet (“runet”) from a group of secluded civilized communities into a shithole. Years for russian invaders to perfect their tactics and train trolling skills on a dissident minority, to finally show their gratitude for technologies to the West, erupting back as burst sewage line.

Now it’s time to face the reality, call things with their own names and finally take an action – or drown in shit, called “russian democracy” by politically correct junkies.