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There must be at least two thugs for a gang. Especially for ruskies who never do anything being out of crowd. Lone russian drifters are very rare, mostly a result of fanatical drunk volunteering. Always expect gang (which they call “brigade”) work.

As I’ve said before, their virtual methods, perfected during the popularization of Internet in Russia have a very little difference from KGB-FSB thuggery with a well-known scenario, yet no effective countermeasures in the country where 85% are overt KGB worshipers (and majority amongst the rest are covert ones).

At first, trolls try thief’s favorite (a distraction): “look, a birdie!”, bringing no-winner matters like Israeli-Palestine war or petty chatter about grocery prices to discussion completely off-topic. If a good guy still keeps attention, thugs start provoking him to fight with blatant lies that no reasonable man can tolerate, like “USSR was a people’s paradise” or “Ukrainians are Nazi child-eating monsters”. The harder a good guy tries to prove the facts, the more BS and mockery he meets. Trolls are trying to find a subject that causes the most severe distress for their target. If they know that a good guy has political prisoner(s) amongst his ancestry or is himself persecuted by putinist uniformed dogs, they would yell “our glorious organs (russian slang for state security) hunt no innocents, you deserved it”. If a good guy still manages to handle himself, more trolls come for dirty insults, thread hijacking, impostor acts etc. Then all they complain to administration about victim’s “misbehaving” as more “indignant by-passers” confirm it.

All this is staged to look like trolls don’t know each other and joined mob beating just because they couldn’t pass by as “immoral russophobe (Nazi, psychotic warmonger, traitor, terrorist supporter, CIA mercenary…) was harassing everyone”. In ideal KGB scenario, such a group includes various “personalities” of different gender, age, job, political affiliation etc. Needless to say, in 99% of all cases those features (and personalities) are fake, often co-existing in mind of a single filthy KGB mercenary who builds new “characters” faster than any RTS game junkie.

Since almost all admins of known russian political discussion Websites have been replaced one by one with putinist lackeys, ban is not the worst outcome. More than once activists had suffered direct hacker attack and personal data exposure assisted by pro-government staff.

The Western version of russian trolling is a bit more complicated on tactics, having the same amount of vile filth. They still can’t do KGB-style blatant persecution here, but they can abuse laws and rules, using Freedom to take Freedom away. This mafia tactic has been exposed long time ago but unfortunately, fell out of public attention since the staged demise of USSR. Modern perverted trends of “political correctness” and “freedom for everyone” gave ruskies completely new possibilities here. They couldn’t even dream about a better gift. Now they can silence those who resist their lies even without hovering behind admin with Makarov pointed to his head. Protected by sacred cow stereotypes and bans of “hateful speech”, lying sumbhumans are able to spread filth in complete impunity. I’ll return to those matters once again in the final part of this publication.

Now it’s time to tell about typical red troll specimen that you might have encountered already. This is NOT an ultimate bestiary and there will never be one due to the nature of virtual reality. Russian trolls can change identities several dozen times a day, so goon may be actually a BS master having “fun” with his comrades, and “corrupt Right” putin’s admirer can co-exist with leftist in one body sitting somewhere in Lubyanka. So I’ve tried to make a classification by action pattern which is the single persistent thing about them. What you need to learn from here is use your brains and look for patterns that expose trolls red-handed regardless of their disguise.

  1. Goon. Prevails in Russian Web (runet) – their home now, like chavs prevail on streets of russian cities. Dissidents call it “bitch”, “whelp”, “KGB footwrap”, “shit-eater”, “Lubyanka fag” not without reasons. Drunk, dumb as birch log, barely able to say a single word in any civilized language. Meets all opinions different from putinist BS with insults, brainless slander, mockery regardless of evidence. Adores insulting ladies in the most slimy way possible for his degenerate subhuman mind. If too drunk or too dumb even for Web translator, posts “russian mat” everywhere. There is the biggest amount of troll volunteers amongst goons, who adore shitting on Western Websites even when they get nothing for it. (In 2013, KGB rate for one russian-language verbal turd of licensed troll was about $ 0.3, plus free meals.)

    Many systems utilize hiding comments with too negative rating. Untermenschen learned to abuse this feature like trained apes, running amok hitting “Vote up/Like/5 star” buttons under shit their more intelligent comrades leave and “Vote down/Dislike/1 star” under reasonable stuff, trying to create fake impression that everyone loves them or make appealing comments to disappear from public view.

  1. Elite goon. Has better foreign language skills than his imbecile comrade, knows all Soviet and neo-Soviet/putinist/“russian world” BS by heart. Ready 24/7 to appear with it anyplace where Russia is being discussed to say how the West (especially USA) is bad and wrong, and how good, traditionalist, kind, etc. etc. his Russia is, “proving” it by Soviet-era catchphrases with a little cosmetic change (like “Soviet peacemakers” for “russian traditionalists”).
  1. Indignant “liberal/anti-war/anti-Nazi”/leftist activist.

    This one can be of Western origin – connections between leftist “non-violent” junkies and Moscow are as aged as KGB itself. Remember good old times, when KGB-backed “pacifists” blamed Western powers for all troubles that ruskies were causing? “Oh those evil nukes, oh this evil military!” Now this sounds like “Oh those Nazi Ukrainian thugs who overthrew the legitimate power, oh those evil American warmongers who help them!” (“Native story” version for RTBS news: “We lived in peace, and here came those evil government Nazi junta troops who were about to kill us all, but then our dear Russian brothers came to save us…”)

    Looks like someone is in urgent need of relocation to their beloved Russia. It has always been at peace’s side and participated in all wars just to help poor people oppressed by White Finns, fascists, Nazis, Junta, evil imperialists, decadent capitalists, Jihadists, Banderovites… It doesn’t matter those oppressed people have been fighting russian liberators like Hell, they just couldn’t understand unique russian spirituality! If they only tried to share the incomparable experience of magic vodka meditation, Wise Great Kingpin worshiping, intimate “whack/fuck-a-buddy” (depends of vodka amount consumed) ritual and final incredible relaxation in the inspirational roadside muck, infused with fluids of “god-bearing nation”…

    Just couldn’t stay away from sarcasm here. Seriously, modern liberalism is a mental disease. Today they denounce people’s anti-communist revolution in Ukraine, tomorrow they will unleash their rage on Founding Fathers, labeling them “trigger-happy yahoo warmongers”.

  2. Conservative/religious/”tough guy” admirers a.k.a “corrupt Right”.

    Their showoff agenda is completely opposite to previous one, but sharing the same KGB ass to kiss with leftists doesn’t make them feeling uncomfortable in a slightest. Those are either complete imbeciles or just lackeys who care only about wads promised by masters in Kremlin. If you hadn’t read my “When the Right Becomes Red” publication yet, I strongly recommend it for better understanding of the very nature of abomination that red (both communist and russist) propaganda is.

  3. Bullshit master.

    Never short on it, spitting out mile-long posts like crazy vending machine. The more one reads them, the more questions (s)he gets. Its mantra sounds like “One has to carefully study various sources (first of all KGB-controlled RT/Life News/Voice of Russia/Sputnik), otherwise he is a moldy Cold War addict”. And so it comes, bullshitter talks, terroRussian walks towards the West.

  1. Sleeper.

    Much more dangerous than anyone from this bestiary. Sleepers are not typical trolls, being close relatives of trained KGB “moles” who infest governments and military. They’ve been waiting for the moment to strike for years in contrast to generic commie scumbags who begun Mongoloid-style invasion during a few recent months. Few skilled russians are amongst sleepers, the most of them are treacherous natives so this makes preventive detection even harder. With emerging of available Internet, sleepers acquired a completely new role: Web brigade promotion. Those who sit at the top of criminal hierarchy rarely get their own hands dirty, but their moral insides can challenge any public cesspit. Sleepers are virtual KGB mafia bosses, whose mission is to control Western troll network, sustain a cover for crime with own forum reputation prepared long in advance, and, last but not least, defame those who stand against their thuggery.