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Today the view counter exceeded another significant amount of 100.000.

I may not have socialite reputation or millions of likes from thousands of jolly social network junkie followers but what I have is much more important than any of that.

It’s very easy to be “friends” over petty stuff when everything is cool. But a friend in need is a friend indeed. This day, I want to thank all of you who weren’t afraid to stand by my side despite all mainstream stereotypes and lies.

Thanks for your outstanding Courage!

Hab Dank für Ihre hervorragende Mut!

Hardest trials for the mortal shell by war and pain may be still ahead for the West, but the time of ultimate trial for the Soul has come already. Should the need arise, even the battlefield won’t be hard to attend for any of those who have been able to stand up against century-old russian lies during those days of lost conscience.