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“Gang trolling” tactics has proven especially effective in large Web communities of any particular topic, religious and Conservative forums are russian favorite. Small communities with strong motivation stand up to russian Web thuggery, chances to encounter troll or sleeper there are zero. Just like in real life, where large liberal cities are contaminated by violent crime, while provincial conservative towns (where everyone knows each other and local Sheriff in person) barely know what theft is. Of course there are exceptions amongst little towns, but if you get a large number of people together on small piece of land, deprive them of right to protect themselves and hire politically correct junkies as lawmen, trouble is bound to happen.

Regardless of political affiliation, large Web communities possess mainstream set of rules formed by old false stereotypes which came from mainstream version of History. It is completely forbidden to speak facts that may offend some group (even if they deserved things much worse), just because ruskies were sly enough to trick the West into fighting against Germany. I’ve said about that before, so I won’t repeat myself here.

Some rules mean more harm to their followers than to violators, let alone abusers. Like laws in Europe, obsessed with “anti-Nazi” self-whipping, where all commie scum feels like home.

img_610111‘Nuff said.

The biggest and apparently fatal flaw of all those “hate speech” bans is that they forbid no lies. This is where KGB trolls get their free ticket to shit all over the Web.

Ruskies know Western concepts well enough to abuse them successfully. Their plan to take away your Freedom using your own rules has been exposed long time ago – but the West didn’t listen. Both quite real russian mafia and fictional but very life-like terrorists from Invasion: U.S.A have been boasting with those intentions long before such things as political correctness existed. Just imagine their joy now, when their mercenary bullshitters can say whatever they want and you are forbidden to answer with competent force.

Smart-ass debating, still permitted by most of communities, makes the situation only worse. Red trolls are waiting for you to rush into discussion of evident things – and end up drowning in shit.

What is good in reality against a mob of drunk imbecile thugs who consider that the world is their playground, ready to beat up everyone who tries to resist? Apparently not convincing them how wrong they are. But oh-so-nonviolent liberal junkies, corrupt Right lackeys and of course their russian masters want you do just so, offering a fight under slogan “Let’s follow the rules, no matter how we abuse them.”

No matter of your words, ruskies gonna win UNLESS you realize this and start treating them the only way this hazardous genetic waste with no Honor and no Dignity should be treated. Unfortunately, this is labeled as “hate speech” in mainstream mentality.

The war against so-called “russian world” and its worshipers is not a political struggle between ideologies of “democracy” and “dictatorship” as it is being represented in mainstream media (even during the Cold War, the West was not free of that stereotype).

Do you remember this petition? Instead of writing a feedback that can cause only the similar mawkish “we-are-the-smartest-peacemakers” response, I’ll include my thoughts in this publication as it came in very handy.

Often I find myself longing for past times, when everything was clear and straightforward despite the lack of technology. Nothing is better than right to grab your trusty six-shooter (crossbow, sword) and blast (nail, carve, etc.) those who want to take your Dignity, property and life away. Plus absolutely no politically correct bans for calling things with their real names.

The biggest problem for a common (reasonable) Westerner now is to realize that thugs can have their own country, army and even thuggish media worldwide. Neither of this legislates thuggery. If someone thinks it’s “fun” to start invasion war, commit multiple acts of terrorism hiding behind civilians, kill people “cuz they too different” or “for fun”, take hostages, torture them to death, rape, steal, rob and finally boast with all that – it is PERVERTED MURDEROUS SCUMBAG that must be ELIMINATED ON SIGHT. And scumbag’s size, name or quantity DOES NOT matter. If there are millions of thugs – each of them must face the individual Justice. No matter how thug calls himself and explains his own actions. If you start listening to BS – you lose. This is the first thing ruskies always wanted from the West: to make everyone believe that their abomination has a right for existence.

Russia is the land of absolute thuggery. Not just political one, easily abolishable by plain military demise with change of government elite. Something that sits deep in genetic structure of almost 90% of its population, pre-formed by centuries of Mongoloid slavery, finally shaped by red tyranny that worked as catalyst for subhuman’s nature.

Behavior of entire Russia, from its KGB leader to the last lowlife drunk, is based on street scum mindset. Assault someone seemingly weaker using gorilla fists, get away laughing, then boast about that in company of other imbecile subhumans. If a would-be victim kicks thug’s ass, start a worldwide mourning campaign for “unarmed teen killed in cold blood by trigger-happy gun nut”, by chance looting everything on the way. No, those words weren’t mistakenly taken from another draft. What is called crime in civilized country is actually essence of Russia. Of course even the most pro-thug libtards couldn’t polish shoes of KGB defamers as the latter have been perfecting their skills for about a century of absolute impunity wielding absolute power, but the resemblance between leftist and russist propaganda is just amazing. Promote impunity, assault someone, get some hot lead, whine about “gun violence” (“Nazi junta”). By the way, russian media went all apeshit over the Ferguson incident – some of its most dashing lackeys by tradition turned “gentle giant” into 12-year-old boy.

Birds of a feather flock together indeed.