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It’s hard but still possible to workout bravery. There is just a little catch: one needs common sense that (unfortunately) can’t be trained at all. Its permanent absence inevitably causes either russism or political correctness, depending on certain environment (apparently, this is the main reason why libtards are never short on warm feelings towards commie scum).

Despite blatant campaign of international terrorism, invasion war against Ukraine and sanctions imposed even by sissy governments, politically correct castrate russophiles act just like back in 2008 when their idol Obama pressed the infamous reset button wired to russian impunity trigger (hardcoded in all ruskie brains… or what else they have inside their vodka-guzzling BS-erupting ape heads).

I don’t care about ethnicity, cultural preferences, religious beliefs etc. of those who have Courage to fight against the most corrupt regime of congenital thugs and imbeciles. Liberation of East Ukraine would be as good as liberation of ANY land enslaved by russian orcs. Even if this land was enslaved centuries ago, like Caucasus. Too bad that politically correct dummies who control mainstream portals have another opinion, apparently considering KGB poking more important than everything else. I’ve managed to get the following video just before YouTube and BuzzFeed lackeys hurried to please putinist thugs, wiping it out as soon as they heard barking from Moscow.

What’s the rush for COMMIE CENSORSHIP, you oh-so-civil admins? Ruskies shoved dynamite up your politically correct asses or you just like to kiss theirs?

“Subtitles->EN” to activate subtitles.

I won’t be telling here about Warrior’s spirit and right to avenge Woman’s dignity. Those who understand need no explanation. Those who don’t will get nothing even from evidence of kadyrovite crimes. There are much more important things for politically correct junkies to bitch over, like certified “Ouch” of always-whacked russian sheeple opposition or right to brag with perversions. Everyone is just a f###ing celebrity. Including KGB thug Putin and man-eater Kadyrov.

The following footage (source) was recorded by undercover U.S. operative in Chechnya, Nov 10, 2006 – “militsiya (police) day” in Russia, celebrated by putin’s kadyrovite dogs with feasting on human flesh. Like police, like celebration.

LAST MINUTE UPDATE. Turned out Dailymotion isn’t much better than YouTube. Yesterday I uploaded the video, today it no longer was here. No warnings, no notifications, just removed without a trace. You still can watch it on GULAG Website (link above, click age warning to the right, it shall open the player). Let’s see how long those oh-so-righteous politically correct Dailymotion junkies will keep Mujahideen video which makes ruskies so mad.

The biggest problem with ideology of cowardice a.k.a. “political correctness” is not their desire to face thugs pantless with hands tied behind the back “to prevent violence”, but their desire to force other people into the same position or at least disrupt the preparation for resistance.

Ukraine has been able to overthrow pro-russian regime and say NYET to Kremlin suffering much worse infiltration than any of Western countries, showing a perfect example to everyone. There is still no need for Revolution now, but the need for manliness arises higher than ever – because submissive cowards are taking over.