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Away from my Website, I’ve been thinking about the best ending for anti-troll series. When I was finally able to get back to my publications, I’ve already decided to write about things above all this troll mess. There is enough of good investigations concerning particular things, but almost no one ventures to investigate global matters. How it happened that russian aggression “suddenly” became a trouble for the entire world worse than ever before, why red defamers enjoy almost full impunity and what should one do to stop the red horde.

For a good Western commoner, there are two geopolitical forces clashed in deadly fight for people’s minds. Western Democracy against russian putinism, happy people who choose their own rulers against gloomy autocratic regime manipulating its population for personal gain of tyrant’s bunch. Well, that’s what worshipers of democracy say, believing all media tales without any “offensive” questions.

No surprise their leaders fail every mission miserably (from fighting poverty to creating national defense). Few things in this world are more unfortunate than strategy of modern “non-violent, civilized, democratic” specimen trying to confront scumbags. Thinking that ruskies belong to Homo Sapiens kind, they still wonder why KGB chav who returned Soviet ideological rampage, was completely unable to bring down terrorism, crime and corruption (turned out all those are his pets in reality), caused several invasion wars, didn’t fulfill a single BS promise and finally left his serfs pantless gets approval rate much higher than anyone of his Western “opponents”. Some are foolish enough even to join russian praising of commie kingpin for his “success”.

The real answer is very simple and very unpleasant to “Freedom activists” who worship democracy like deity. (The most zealous of them even put their idol ahead of Liberty, trying to swap the meaning between two words, especially while criticizing Russia as “non-democratic”country.)

Leaving alone smart-ass debunking of mainstream demagogy, I’ll cut it to the point: democracy is literally the “rule of the people”. Just like free speech or any other free society feature, it can’t be good or bad per se. It’s the right of the people to choose their own rulers. Like people, like rulers.

Why I brought those matters to conclusion of anti-troll publications?

War against Ukraine, RTBS defamation campaign, WWW troll invasion etc. are nothing but traditional thuggish abuse of Western achievements of XXI century – all earned through sacrifices and hard labor, granted to Russia completely for free in naïve hopes for “a new, democratic society” along with democracy itself.

No one can deny the fact: ruskies got their “rule of the people” in 1991. They weren’t even punished for their crimes (in contrast to Germans, scapegoated until modern days for much lesser things), everyone was willing to help “poor oppressed people liberated from communist tyranny”. But instead of starting a new honest life, russians mocked their helpers, spat on Freedom and returned to habitual GULAG lifestyle, happily bringing all “deposed” KGB tyrants back to power. Of course not before red Mordor became strong enough, abusing help of foolish Westerners who considered progress a panacea for everyone. Too bad in case of russians it turned out to be as good as bazooka for a drunk chimpanzee.

There is such a thing as national character. Europeans choose hippie socialism. Americans choose wealth (despite all leftist errands). Russian subhumans choose neo-soviet “russian world”, thuggery, GULAG lifestyle and shit. Calling russian top dog a dictator before, I’ve been making a mistake. He is a genuine choice of ruskies.

A typical ruskie needs absolutely no Liberty, no Freedom, no rights. He can survive without tasty food, clean streets, honest police etc. (Even mainstream media can’t ignore this obvious fact now.) He has nothing against being whacked by goons closer to kingpin (as long as he can whack someone weaker). But he’ll never tolerate any attempt to make him live in a civilized way, without traditional stealing, lying, drinking cheap vodka and of course harassing those who are weaker or smaller. Russian kingpin can do with his untermenschen whatever he wants when the right to harass others is guaranteed. Once again, I repeat: no matter in Kremlin or Siberian village, alone or together in society, they behave the same way. Terrorist war against Ukraine (openly supported by 86% of russian population) is nothing but political thuggery, backed by nation of thugs.

Put democracy and congenital thuggery together, and you’ll get answers to all of your questions regarding Russia. The worst tyranny is not one established by brute force, but one desired by slaves who dream about serfdom as their highest bliss.

The only way to stop russian threat is to deprive them of any right to choose (and opportunity to abuse) PERMANENTLY. Or, considering their congenital thuggish nature, ability to resurrect undead communism and passion towards terrorism, of their very existence.

Too bad that thug democracy isn’t the worst form of Liberty abuse, otherwise such words wouldn’t have been considered “Nazi” by oh-so-righteous politicians (BTW, very timid to remember their own warm relations with KGB terrorist putin).


Freedom can’t exist without protection of dignity by force, ending where other person’s nose begins. That’s what Law and Order (including armed self-defense) stand for. If some thug finds pleasure in violating human dignity (property, life) for own perverted amusement, he should meet no slightest care about his thuggish life and freedom he abused, let alone overbloated self-esteem. Otherwise, everything will sink into criminal chaos under mawkish slogans of “human rights”. (Like I’ve said already, thugs are always first to whine about their “rights” when Justice comes around, no matter in Ferguson or Eastern Ukraine.) Unfortunately, even such a simple thing is beyond understanding of democratic elitists who ban armed self-defense, call sanatoriums with air conditioning, video games, Internet etc. “prisons”… or provide TerroRussia with rights that civilized countries have, welcoming russian thuggish media and trolls to spread their commie BS, calling that “free speech”. The biggest problem for a Westerner who doesn’t want to lick russian ass isn’t even ruskies themselves. In 99% of all cases it’s his own countrymen boasting political (forum/Website/video hosting admin etc.) power without will or courage to use it properly.

Worshipers of democracy apparently forgot that allowing thugs to shit everywhere doesn’t make anyone pioneers of Liberty. It made them only into mockery for putinist scumbags who outlawed Freedom in their own country, exiled or murdered all true dissidents and turned russian Internet into KGB shithole. Democracy junkies are hopping mad but can’t do anything real about it, cause TerroRussia plays all its dirty games by rules of GENUINE DEMOCRACY. Whether in Kremlin or at some political forum, ruskies are hiding behind rules invented by their own democratic “adversaries”, while the latter are still reluctant to face the reality and finally recognize the fact.

The Democracy and free speech are good only for those who are worth it and ready to sacrifice their own blood for the Liberty.


There is no hope for wise great leaders and epic heroes to take the leadership in this undeclared war started by commie Mordor. But the good news are better than any fantasy story: even the most sluggish bumpkin can become a knight in shining armor. No one expected a true anti-communist people’s revolution, let alone organized armed resistance from (once) lazy chummy Ukraine. Especially such a timing to give russian commie ass a hard kick when the entire “civilized” world was kissing it in Sochi.

The world consists not only of politically correct mainstream democracy and putinism (thug democracy). Ukraine was awaken and brought back to the anti-communist frontier by pure REASON and CONSCIENCE (typical features of Natural Right) – something completely foreign to putinists and libtards both. Something that guides soldiers who fight against russian invaders on the battlefield and Website admins who tell russian trolls to fuck off. Those who went to Maidan to overthrow criminal russian-made power and those who demolished commie idols in towns and villages all over the country. All those who don’t want to drown in russian commie shit.

Despite centuries of russian genocide, wipeout of Cossack culture, NKVD-planned replacement of the best men with imported lowlife subhumans, false stereotypes of “Slavic brotherhood”, corruption and infiltration, lack of any help from “European allies” during the most troubled days of Maidan Revolution, Ukrainians still were capable of purgatorial uprising with ultimate NYET to both “russian world” and democratic elitists.

Whether or not the West will be able to stop its humiliation by Russia depends not on military strength, NATO expansion, military agreements or any other geopolitical factors. The only thing that matters here is individual ability to embrace reason and conscience, acting regardless of what everyone around says in present volatile “peace” and future wars.