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I may be a bit late with time of this publication, but it’s never late to remember the Heroes. Especially in those days of celebrity worshiping and crooked stereotype ideologies.

At the 1st of February, veteran of two Chechen wars, commander of international peacekeeping battalion named after Dzhokhar Dudaev, Isa Munaev, met a Warrior’s death fighting against russian invaders on Ukrainian battlefield.

munaevThose days, every man’s duty of avenging own family is considered something unusual (if not despised by oh-so-civilized sheeple). Losing his daughter, sister and father during a “mopping-up” russian genocide, he made only one decision a true man can take and never rested in his glorious quest of enforcing it.

For the people of Ukraine, there is no difference between own countrymen and refugees who fight against vile russian invaders. They mourned death of Usa Munaev and his fallen Ukrainian brothers in arms together.

Of all words of sorrow I’ve found this speech by Borys Filatov the most explaining and thoroughgoing.

“I think, my Friend, that you don’t feel offended with your life, your death and your friends.

You felt like caged lion in boring pastoral Denmark, longing for justice and revenge. In Ukraine, you found both.

Scumbags that conquered your country tried to root out your name, your glorious deeds and fight from the memory of your people. But you didn’t let this happen.

The Parliament of 45-million country stood up for moment of silence, honoring your memory.

We will always remember you as devoted Muslim and very civilized man simultaneously. Always calm, polite, silent, yet unyielding and desperate. Educated and well-mannered.

You did everything right.

You triumphed upon your enemies with not strength of weapon alone, but with the might of your spirit as well.

They are decay, roadside dust, surgical waste, nameless trash.

And you, the symbol of Caucasus resistance are the symbol of national Ukrainian resistance now. You are the part of our History, where you went as undefeated Hero.

I’d like to say “rest in peace”. But I know that you won’t, otherwise it won’t be you. You won’t have rest until revenge is done. You did everything right my Friend. Forgive us for not being able to preserve your life.”