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WARNING. This publication contains graphic evidence of war crimes, animal abuse and subhuman activity. Proceed only if you feel prepared.

Internet is a great invention indeed. Unfortunately, not for everyone, even considering exception of red trolls.

Seeing mainstream news, I mostly have an impression similar to coming back to USSR. Commie BS has no more truth than “unbiased” liberal narrative about mystical “separatists” and government, condemned both by corrupt Right and mainstream left as “Nazi” or at least bunch of cruel militarists.

It’s hard to miss how “Nazi” has become an all-round label for those who don’t fit ideals of some libtard bully group, always happy for reductio ad Hitlerum. Or more frequently now, terroRussians who label everyone around as “Nazi Yid Banderovite junta CIA mercenaries”. (Not so unexpected for nation that always felt offended when someone dared to work and live in a civilized way instead of vodka meditation, genocide “fun”, kingpin worshiping and GULAG escapades.)

Despite of open access to all kinds of information, folks continue to behave like medieval peasants. Or much worse, cause peasants had no opportunity to check what’s going on in enemy country without even leaving their huts.

Self-exposing has become one of the main features of so-called “russian world” that gets its power from traditional commie impunity and newly-invented ban to call things with own names (a.k.a. “political correctness”). During the Cold War it was incredibly hard to get live evidence on soviet reality so commies had plenty of opportunities for almost-untraceable BS. Now even the most imbecilic subhumans in Russia have a PC with Internet connection and happily use it to demonstrate their own filthy essence to the entire world, but nobody is brave enough to use the READY information for showing the truth, even in case of overt international terrorism. Let alone common  “russian world” activity.

Here’s an example of “glorious anti-Nazi volunteer” from Russia named Alexey Milchakov.


776555_originalScumbag’s LPR ID (“Rusich” gang under command of Alexander “Batman” Bednov, recently reportedly killed by his thuggish comrades in drunk showdown). Apparently his oh-so-anti-Nazi masters had no problem with “special” number he begged (or bribed) out of them, let alone his love towards Third Reich stuff.


At first, russian scumbag was practicing with animals.

775513_original775917_original776177_originalThen he switched to human beings.

Here is an Ukrainian POW, reportedly Ivan Isyk from Drohobych just after he was captured by russian terrorists under Milchakov’s command.

And here is the same unfortunate guy after he was “interrogated” by terrorist Milchakov and his subhuman comrades.

Note Slavic swastika (part of Rusich insigna) carved on his cheek. And a shoe that will appear in the following photos, where terrorist Milchakov poses on the background of burning vehicles and charred remains of Ukrainian soldiers. With a happy face and bloody hands.

Though there’s no face on the following photos, it’s clear that pants and shoes belong to the same terrorist piece of shit named Alexey Milchakov.

Here’s a subhuman female, Natalya Milchakova, that gave birth to this walking abomination:

untermenschenA photo from her youth.

772302_original Family traditions indeed. (This is NOT a wartime documentary. In post-war USSR, German uniform was widely available for anti-Nazi propaganda performances… or some amateur photography.)

Some of her aphorisms (style and orthography preserved as possible):

774656_original“Yes, let it (monarchy in Russia) be! Just the one with russian tsar. Preferably Rurikovich.”

rage“Shortly after everything begun to calm down after ’17, ’30 and ’41 those Yids destroyed everything! Those commie Yids (not rank-and-file!) posing as democrats now are robbing and harassing russians more than before, using other nations, for whom they planned “later” genocide! They destroy our legacy; and trying to deprive us from immunity against Westirn shit by calls for “tolerance”!

“(United) States seem to be prosperous but will fall apart soon and all skum from there is already looking at Russiya as a new place to live!”

Should the corporal punishment of children be allowed for good upbringing?

775358_original“NECESSARY! I didn’t beat mine, now he threatens to kill me! Shouts russian mat at me each day. Waits for brain attack to strike me.”

And of course plenty of “likes” under neo-soviet BS.

776788_original“I put my like and confirm that I am against neo-Nazism in Ukraine! I show my protest against demolition of monuments – to Soviet wars!”

Wars, invasions and genocide indeed.

What’s the name for someone who is anti-Ukrainian, anti-Semite, anti-American, pro-Nazi, pro-Soviet, pro-tsarist and last but not least, can’t handle own native language?

Don’t know about suitable word in English that can pass censorship, but ruskies call it “a true patriot”.

791477_original791665_originalDealing with ruskies, always ready to sell their last pair of valenki for a new world domination campaign and luxury life of their untermensch administration with a huge lackey crowd, one shouldn’t worry about donations. Those assholes are actually ROC priests.

791952_originalHere’s a social network page of one of them, Pavel Shulzhenok:

asshole“I am a ROC cleric. A believer specialized in hard apologetic and researches of religion and myths. Blessed with certain artistic and oratory skills that I’m trying to implement.”

794985_originalArtistic skills indeed.

As russian priests are kind of elite caste responsible for inspiration of common thugs shown above, they should drink something better than cheap vodka, carrying it everywhere, including gym. Who knows when the need for inspiration can arise?

793850_originalAfter drinking, there is much more artistic skills.

791160_originalAnd oratory skills:

“Here’s what I think about your “truce”. Rabid pig-house named “Ukraine” should get its backbone broken.”

796993_original797425_originalRussian scumbag surrounded by his fellow terrorists. No surprise they habitually blast themselves or their own asshole comrades, especially after practicing russian artistic skills.

798932_originalScumbag’s boss named Alexander Dyagilev. A bit smarter than his field bitches, he prefers to promote war and terrorism from safety.

An apotheosis of entire “russian orthodox” mindset those days.

Source: http://uglich-jj.livejournal.com/


Truth will out.

By choosing partnership with subhuman thugs, West doomed itself to deal with consequences. Everyone was happy since 1945, trying to tuck away the baneful fact: “victorous” USSR was much worse than Third Reich. So it erupted back right in their mawkish faces 69 years later, during another worldwide campaign of ass-licking.

Full annihilation of “russian worldis not some kind of supremacy idea. It’s an emergency need for all those who have no desire to perish in the realm of absolute abominations or become living targets, fun fodder and slaves for thuggish subhumans.

There isn’t much to say for a reasonable man after becoming familiar with “russian world”. There is only a need to prevent this from happening on own land. And only one way to do this.