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10 signs if someone is about to take your Freedom away.

  1. Appeal to emotions, hatred towards logic, abuse of facts. All made for fallacy conclusions ending with words “for your own good/safety”.

  1. Narcissism. How dare you to call the Great Wise Leader incompetent when he is such a cutie?

  2. Highjacking of ideas existing for centuries as “smart” and “new” thinking, invented by Enlightened followers of Wise Great Leader.

  3. Oppressed minority in need for everyone’s help and special privileges, like exemption from criminal and/or international Justice.

  1. Scary Evil Something to fight against. Of course such a fight requires personal sacrifices from everyone. Money won’t do – to defeat Scary Evil Something, you’ll need to make a personal sacrifice, as inconvenient as possible.

  2. Intolerance towards existence of other opinion or lifestyle. It’s never enough to renounce everything condemned by Great Wise Leader; anyone still daring to use it commits a grave offense. The punishment for non-compliance can vary from name-calling to death.

  3. Collectivism. It’s always fun to do something as part of crowd that has no personal responsibility and no brains.

  4. Low standards. So low anyone can join the followers without leaving the couch… except for those who have something more to do than warming the couch.

  5. Change for change. Doesn’t matter if something works perfectly, if it’s outdated (as defined by Great Wise Leader) it must be changed!

  6. Promises of highest bliss in the future. No comments here.