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“Could we tell anyone how they (russians) were slaying entire families and burning villages down? How one evening drunk soldiers came to take three girls and threw them out at dawn – all battered, tormented and raped. Or how they humiliated our elderly people, mocked them, spat at them, kicked them. Always with russian mat. How they were shooting our men and boys just riding by on their tanks.

How people went missing for us to find battered corpses or just limbs all around. How they came into our homes to rip off carpets, take gold stuff and tableware and go away with it on their tanks. With laughter, yelling, filthy profanities. All drunk and dirty. And how they mowed down our fruit gardens by tanks just for fun. I’ll never forget that laughter.

Why are they doing it? Because they live as chain dogs. Poor, covered in parasites, humiliated, intimidated, hungry cowardly creatures… a special upbringing to make them even more stupid. And evil. Soul has gone from Russia long ago and God has turned away from it. All they are rich with is hatred, anger, cruelty. So they boast with their wealth. Give those dogs an order to kill – and they’ll come at once! They’ll run! Or more likely, fly to kill, slay, hate and bring down revenge upon everyone, for they need someone to anguish because of their misfortune, forsaken life and rotten souls.

They have fever literally from seeing beautiful and good things. They can’t walk even a flower by without crushing it under their boots. They would smear the sun and drag everyone to their shit, if they only could – to become kings and rulers in this shit.”

Do you think it’s painful memories of some German survivor? No, those are actually words of Chechen refugee woman recorded by russian-speaking dissident Yelena Bosova.

Unlike for Nazis and Germans, there is a very little, mostly cosmetic difference between bolshevist thugs and ruskies – the unique abomiNation that not only glorifies crimes of the past but takes them to new level with each new generation, where they mutate into non-imaginable forms of insane congenital thuggery. And it will out inevitably, like murderer’s face beneath the mawkish mask. After boasting with crimes, non-existent trophies, fake veterans now come non-moveable and self-destructive vehicles, backed by true pervert’s dream. And above all that, victory banner burnt to ashes in failed spacecraft. Consecutive, isn’t it?

A plan, originally supposed to represent ruskies as “saviors” and “liberators”, tends to backfire more and more with each new day. Especially when they celebrate so-called “victory” – another big fake covering mountain of shit, just like everything about russian “history”.