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One may wonder why in the world I gave such a name to my own work while everything published in the Web is supposed to become hot and famous. The answer is, because things here are completely opposite to “popular” mainstream. Not something uncommon to do for a Goth veteran like myself, but the catch is, the statements that make me so infamous have nothing in common with the Dark Scene.

The main feature of mainstream those days seems to be a fierce denial of common sense, which can take any form, from small-time trolling to mass hysteria that involves entire governments. The more common sense some action or rule has, the more “evil” and “baneful” it is being labeled by tantrum-happy “progressive” activists, whose urge to start an epic hunt for “Nazi anti-gay barbarians (male chauvinists, moldy warmongers, Evil Global Warming deniers etc)” could make witch-hunters of the past cry in envy.

The worst thing here is that in contrast to Middle Ages when it really didn’t matter in any practical way if the Earth is round or flat (cause one rarely ever traveled to distant towns, let alone another country), modern obscurantism is all about intrusion into one’s daily life. Things like food, transportation, housing are all subjects of totalitarian control in liberal dystopia. And the fact of its existence in “age of science and technology” doesn’t speak very good of smartphone-wielding hipsters who worship Great Wise Leader in a way little different from peasant’s admiration. As time is passing by, more and more fancy-schmancy theories supposed to bring about love of everybody for everybody are invented and if they do not work the reason is of course anyone but its Great Wise Authors.

Nevertheless, the life taught me that unpopularity is MUCH better than sheeple’s existence. Being a PERSONALITY is already worth all the hardships. And more often than not, unpopular statements turn out to be closer to truth than mawkish mainstream whose popular fake stereotypes and blatant lies are always debunked the hard way in the end. So if you aren’t afraid to become unpopular for being yourself despite all crazy changes of political trend – be my guest.