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“There is no limit for turpitude”.

Those words, said by Countess Evfrosiniya Kersnovskaya 50 years ago after KGB-ordered “court proceedings”, are exact description of Russia as well as “horrors beyond imagination” or “actions beyond reason”. However, many people (including Countess Kersnovskaya) considered this ultimate corruption a vicious part of Soviet regime, unable to imagine depths of abomination possible for someone who resembles a human being. Time has showed how disastrously wrong they were.

The following photos were taken in Ukrainian cities reclaimed during Anti-Terrorist Operation (Sloviansk, Lysychansk, Kramatorsk and others).

2rijo6bnw4ih9sklFor those who managed to live until adult age without even knowing the basics: it is improvised explosive devices disguised as toys.

Russian subhumans have a long experience of such tactics. For Afghanistan, they organized mass production of “vile bombs” which were thrown from airplanes like humanitarian aid. More info HERE and HERE. The same things have been reported in Chechnya. Isn’t this a tradition for UN a.k.a. Unbounded Nonsense to pose as lawyer for nation of murderous subhuman thugs?

A typical “vile bomb” is not supposed to kill. If triggered, it will severely maim an unfortunate victim. Missing fingers, limbs and gouged eyes are the most common injuries from this truly russian tool of turpitude.

gai9y62q0ipe618eLooks like terroRussians perfected their skills of subhuman “warfare” since times of Afghan war. Besides explosive toys for little children, now they make explosive books for older, smarter kids. And explosive footballs for their physically-oriented coevals. One on the photo is packed with “shrapnel” elements to maim fellow players and by-passers.

jdqvuhd2ctn5ty9hassortiExplosive fire extinguishers, ball point pens, candy boxes, soda bottles and Hell knows what else are all in terroRussian arsenal…

I’m sure ideologists of “partnership with Russia” and “joint war on terror” are feeling good about themselves now. Just like after “glorious fight against Nazism” in alliance with force whose atrocities committed as daily routines surpassed any existing Nazi crimes (NOT ones fancied by NKVD BS pros). Politicians, especially modern liberals that dominate the scene are not a kind of people that can be ashamed by such things.

Speaking of Nazism, the Germans were shocked by crimes of Hitler’s regime revealed after the war (and the the lesser they were related to NSDAP the more they whipped themselves, trying harder with each new generation). But ruskies, facing deeds of their own countrymen, demonstrate in best case no reaction at all. Usually it induces rabid stalinist hysteria, cursing of “those wretched Americans (Nazi Khokhols, depraved Europeans)” and only increases congenital russian lust to turn the entire world into one big GULAG realm where crime is “norm”, lie is “news”, slavery is “freedom”, turpitude is “morality”.

The biggest problem on the way to deal with that undead red abomination once and for all is not might of their nukes whose ability to reach the target becomes more and more debatable with each new day. Neither it is their “glorious” army of convicts, imbecile mercenaries, drunks, looters, rapists and terrorists. Dealing with this thuggish lowborn filth is no different from dealing with street thugs who commit assault, murder, rape for “fun”. Unfortunately, thuggery has mainstream corruption and cowardice, pandered as “work towards the end of violence” at its service, often enforced without any thought by useful idiots who sincerely believe in possibility of hippie utopia over entire Earth (even after showoff butchering of their own countrymen), let alone so-called journalists, always eager to whitewash top russian terrorist and sold-out lackeys who repeat everything after russian bullshitters.

Stereotypes are extremely hard to fight those days, when natural human Dignity and reason are being labeled as “archaic”, “chauvinist”, “Nazi” etc. It is even harder to resist campaign of fierce bullying that follows. But considering the outcome of passive conforming to suicidal self-weakening ideology, corrupt russophilia and subsequent guaranteed triumph of “russian world”, fight is the only choice a reasonable person with Conscience has.