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Western naivete never ceases to amaze.

It’s hard to find an expert that wasn’t delighted with sanctions as ingenious attempt to stop Kremlin’s world domination campaign. According to mainstream opinion, people of Russia should become enraged by shortage of quality foods enough to end thug Putin’s regime with some kind of Salami Revolution.

It’s indeed fancy to build castles in the air, running utopia errands without a personal responsibility for consequences. Like in 1990s, when jolly pioneers of Western democracy rushed towards ruins of evil empire to teach ruskies how to choose own rulers. To say it ended up in a disaster would be an underestimating.

In either case, trouble is caused by excluding basic facts from consideration – mostly because of mainstream stereotypes that forbid speaking the truth about “people that helped to defeat Nazism”. But why really? By all definitions, the fact of “victory” does not and CAN NOT guarantee moral superiority per se. (And BTW Nazism is very popular in modern Russia where it has mutated into truly russian form.)

Returning to the topic, not every nation has the same consumerist (social) priorities. Some don’t have those at all, except for cheap booze (or GULAG pigsty). That’s why Western fancy theories fail so often in russian reality.

Recent regulations that ruskies enforced in response to Western sanctions not only ban import of certain groceries. Now, it is also forbidden to consume blacklisted foods even if they were smuggled to Russia somehow. If discovered, they are subject to disposal. Like that.

dumpedbulldozerfinal628901515995Thanks to Internet, now anyone can see how even the last shithole tries to stage traditional potyemkin village showoff.

It Tatarstan, glorious and vigilant russian police managed to stop evil Hungarian geese from bringing pleasure to some unpatriotic customers who still dare to disobey bans imposed by Great Wise Leader.

Meanwhile in russian supermarkets:

109857_1It’s not the first time when ruskies practice war on food.

1_35A page from the memoir that you should already know about by now shows huge piles of corn confiscated from farmers, rotting under open sky in Bessarabia (East Romania). This happened shortly after its annexation by russian thugs in 1940.

The following pages show us what happened in famine-ridden Siberia in 1942 – far away from the frontline.

4_58Commie scumbag is beating peasants who are trying to collect a few seeds left after harvesting the field.

4_604_61Another commie scumbag (“teacher” by the way) teaches little ruskies how to be a true patriot. Burning down unharvested fields was a common wartime practice, while red bullshitters were going full-auto about “hunger” and “wartime shortage” both for domestic and international auditoriums to have a bunch of useful anti-Nazi idiots singing to their tune. And of course, always having luxury groceries for commie top dogs during starvation in Leningrad. I don’t think Nazis could even hold a candle to such an “art” of transgression against own people. Who, BTW, in case of Russia always faced it with dumb conformism, if not fanatical support. Speaking of which…

522x388A flashback from History. Proud commie serfs are protesting against humanitarian aid from West Germany. Their slogan says “It’s better to have russian crust of bread than a chunk of fatty meat from FRG!”

moscow-routinesModern days again. A good friend of mine sent me this photo made in Moscow. Those dumpster divers are NOT bums; actually, they are happy supporters of neo-soviet thuggery. Such patriotic dumpster diving can be observed near almost every waste food site in Moscow (near supermarkets etc). They prefer to eat waste rather than live in dignity, respecting neighbors. Like they preferred to leave orphans for certain death rather than letting “decadent West” to adopt them.

Since long ago, I’ve been telling the truth about this nation of commie thugs despite all asslicking trend. Now it is coming out the hard way. Having an option to start evil empire restoration which ruskies consider an only way to be “great”, they would gladly exchange everything they have for a bleak chance to shit all over the world. But most likely, death somewhere in fields of a free Ukraine and dog’s burial. Or fatal poisoning with garbage “food”, often dangerous for consumption even in its shelf phase. Or existence worse than death – for a human being, of course. A true russian never complains if everyone has to starve or eat shit! (And never asks why government has luxury imported groceries despite all anti-Western hysteria and let’s-eat-shit-for-russia campaign, or why spawn of thug Putin and his lackeys is living in “enemy” countries.)

fanatics“We are ready to even die miserably, to help putin!”

Well, if ruskies want to die for their kingpin (who deserves gallows by any civilized laws) together with insane world domination plans embedded in their essence, we the reasonable people can only greet such a will and should help them in any way possible.