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Official Statement of the International Charitable Foundation “Soul of Ukraine” on the destruction of “The People of Maidan” exhibition in Riga City

October 11, 2015
Riga City

On the night of 11 October, with the acquiescence of law enforcement authorities of Riga and after rush of attacks against the exhibition and physical threats to organizers of the international cultural event, “The People of Maidan” exhibition was completely destroyed by a group of hooligans. Riga police could not or did not consider it necessary to counteract the destruction of the complex structure and expensive in the production cultural object that was demonstrated nearby the walls of the Cabinet of Ministers of Latvia.

The mayor of Riga Nils Usakovs removed himself from solving vital problems of his city; never once condemned the actions of vandals, but took care of the own PR in the media and social networks, which was interpreted by undereducated group of Russian-speaking population as support of their aggressive actions.

In view of the destruction of “The People of Maidan” exhibition in the city center, the Ukrainian-American International Charitable Foundation “Soul of Ukraine” considers it possible to turn the attention of the United States Senate and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to the disgraceful incident. Indulgence of law enforcement authorities of the capital of Latvia and Riga City Council in particular to numerous fascist groups of Red Guards calls into question the possibility of further international cultural relations between our countries.

“Soul of Ukraine” Foundation encourages the Saeima and the Government of the Republic of Latvia to pay very careful attention to the fact of the international vandalism and the inability of law enforcement officials of Riga and Riga City Council to protect the honor and dignity of national flags of countries whose representatives are invited by Latvia at the highest political level; and whose national symbols were well represented at “The People of Maidan” exhibition.

The Foundation gives special attention to the fact that during demolition of the exhibition were destroyed works that had images of the Republic of Latvia State Emblem.

In order to avoid court proceedings the International Charitable Foundation “Soul of Ukraine” offers the Riga City Council in the shortest time to reimburse for expenses of the Foundation for the creation of the international exhibition “The People of Maidan” and its demonstration in Riga, as well as to compensate for damages.

Sergey Melnikoff, a.k.a. MFF
Founder of the International Foundation “The Soul of Ukraine”
Author of the global exhibition project “The People of Maidan”
Cavalier of the Order “Hero of the Nation” of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria

Gennadii Korolov
Executive Director of the International Foundation “The Soul of Ukraine”

(source: IPVNews.org)


My comment on the situation.

A complete unwillingness to maintain even a weakest sight of Law and Order has become a kind of national tradition in Estonia and even more contaminated Latvia long before “The People of Maidan” exhibition (that was successfully demonstrated in Ukraine, Chile and Luxembourg without any provocations or violent assaults) took place in Riga. As I said before, the worst thing here is not even the numbers of putinist assholes living in Latvia and Estonia after a long-term soviet campaign of genocidal deportation and scum resettlement; Ukraine had suffered a fate not better during Holodomor and Red Terror. Nevertheless, Ukrainians have been able to reclaim their independence despite all infiltration and resistance of so-called “russian minority” that quickly evolved from street thuggery into blatant terrorism with mixed commie-nazi ideology, followed by full-scale invasion war.

Too bad that not every nation on Earth can understand what it takes, let alone meet and greet exhibition of Human Dignity in a worthy way providing at least basic security. By decision of the Soul of Ukraine Foundation, the exhibition will be continued despite all foul actions of subhuman thugs; but after all experience with Baltic countries, both personal and recent one of my Foundation colleagues, I have just one (mostly rhetorical) question.

Is such an “European country” (where even the capital city mayor is ruskie scumbag who supports commie thuggery) and its natives (except for a few brave women) worth all the fuss around them? Are they really worth NATO troops on their land, fighters in their sky, smart defense plans of Pentagon? Wouldn’t it be better for the West instead to help those who know what is to fight and die for own Freedom?