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DSC_9970cThe main point of exhibition before assault.

DSC_9977cMy colleagues chose “Freedom boulevard” (Brīvības ielā) as a place for exhibition. In a country where only russian thugs and their lackeys have freedom, such a name is nothing but mockery.

Here’s what left of installation a couple of days later. (VIDEO of the first attack. Note how everyone is passing and driving by, like nothing happens. “Civilized” EU country indeed.)

DSC_0002cPolice did little or nothing at all to keep order, despite the place is located right in front of the Latvian parliament (Saeima).

DSC_0016cAssaults and provocations started even before the construction was complete, in broad daylight. Ruskies have almost 100% impunity in this “free” and “independent” country.

DSC_0303cA typical russian subhuman named Stanislav Bukayn yells his soviet-made bullshit at visitors before starting to damage things. He was arrested but very soon released by decision of russian lapdog “court”.

DSC_0357cHis asshole comrade was not so lucky. After a trip from Ukraine all that he managed to do is become packed.

However, most of russian thugs felt themselves perfectly happy in absolute impunity even in presence of police. Which demonstrated lesser and lesser response to emergency calls with each new day.

DSC_0315cTwo volunteers, Ansis Freimanis (left) and Andrei (right).  DSC_0066cThe latter scared off and chased down a knife-wielding thug. Unfortunately, volunteers and just good people who are not afraid of vodka-glugging commie scumbags were too few to protect the place 24/7.

It didn’t took long until the exhibition was fully destroyed by congenital haters of Liberty, in fact encouraged by city administration and long-term caste society politics.DSC_0039cDespite broken plans and broken things, “The People of Maidan” exhibition was an achievement. Like a hot iron for russian commie asses, before that kissed all over on daily basis by natives with EU kumbaya playing at the background. Nothing seemed to break the idyllic picture, and Ukraine was so far away…

The message carried by Exhibition was definitely not received by Latvians, but that sad fact is already a new message itself – for those who still know about Dignity and Liberty. Or speaking strictly, quite old but never deprecated reminder not to cast precious pearls before unworthy creatures.