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Not every ruskie can create a worldwide network of  neo-soviet outlets erupting anti-Western BS 24/7. Let alone become a buddy of KGB top dog and launder millions of Gazprom dollars. Mikhail Lesin who succeeded in all that can be considered a true example for all genuine patriots of Russia.

But his most patriotic deed was to relocate dirty money and children of similar moral character to the very country that his RTBS corporation was threatening to “turn into radioactive ashes” and labeling as “immoral”, come there in person and die. In a “gay friendly” hotel. In a district very popular amongst local homosexuals.

Looks like oh-so-Orthodox wannabe-stalin ruskie machos are searching for more experience than putin’s little boys can provide.

Seriously, even the Clinton-worshiping liberals couldn’t surpass ruskies in hypocrisy.