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I’ve started working on this article as soon as I saw the Hellstorm documentary; unfortunately, due to events in real life its completion took several months but the subject remains relevant regardless. As I tried to tell more on every particular thing, what was supposed to be a review turned into large self-sufficient essay, inspired by the Hellstorm. It will be published in parts as they will undergo the finial editing. Thanks for your patience.

It has been a while since I published anything related to History. Now it’s update time for a very special reason: a new revisionist project under the uproarious name Hellstorm which I just couldn’t pass by.

First of all, I recommend everyone who missed the thing to see it. The movie is completely free to download in either English or German version (and maybe watch online if you manage to find some re-upload not banned by PC media lapdogs), the book will cost you a little price. Be warned, it’s not a thing to watch before you go to bed. Especially if you are not familiar with the basics.

Selective censorship is a well-known feature of mainstream giants like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter etc., always happy to ban anything that offends their set of chosen sacred cow groups but completely indifferent to blatant hate propaganda and lie from terroRussia. A worldwide ban of Hellstorm is actually a good sign, meaning that it carries a message that can provoke thinking instead of regurgitating liberal mantras. The quality of this message is another question. There is always enough of single-sentence praising (and single-word hate) feedback, while the deep thinking is somewhat mostly avoided by both haters and followers of revisionism.

In my opinion, the entire revisionist movement (which I classify as everyone looking for alternative to mainstream “history” with “good Allies-bad Nazis-suffering Soviets” dogma) needs a reasonable word not formed by stereotypes, either liberal or revisionist ones. Unfortunately, revisionists seem to like stereotypes as much as everyone else.

No matter how accurate and thorough revisionist works are, they all suffer the same kind of disease. Everything is worth reading/watching/listening, unless judgments and conclusions begin. Almost every revisionist Website, book or documentary seems to be plagued with same political stereotypes inherited from National Socialism that often prevent the righteous words from being heard – cause those right words are being said for the wrong reason. Like “there is nothing bad about National Socialism”*.

People may be at each other’s throats arguing about real numbers of Holocaust, existence of gas chambers etc (not without a ground**) but everyone seems to miraculously forget the essence of National Socialism, manifestly represented in its very name. Socialism will always be socialism, no matter of its red, brown or even rainbow lean. Society first and personality last, if mentioned at all. For those who disagree there is always a vacant place in either GULAG or concentration camp. (Or mawkish repressive libtard machine of EUSSR that crushes the Soul instead of body.)

That’s why before the 1941 both -ISMS seemed to be a perfect marriage of monsters sharing Eurasian territory. German troops being educated in USSR, joint military parades, death camp experience exchange (even the infamous Gaswagen was a russian invention!) and as filthy apotheosis, devouring of Europe piece by piece, finished in Poland where two beasts met each other with a friendly handshake.

Similar, but NOT the same.



*For those who have difficulties understanding evident things: pro-German and pro-Nazi are two very different things.

**All “evidence of genocide” from Soviet occupation zone, such as soap and leather stuff from “human material”, death camp equipment etc. has been fabricated in NKVD. Trusting russian “experts” is like allowing gang members into jury.