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The aforementioned facts create an easy impression that 3rd Reich and USSR were equally evil. Equally totalitarian, anti-human, militarist countries, so it was OK to help any of those two to eradicate another one without much difference. Even in such case it doesn’t speak very high of Western politicians who considered it possible to make a deal with either side, leaving entire nations to mercy of evil chosen by a bunch of smart-ass analysts; but the real matters were much more hideous and vile than that.

No ideology can exist, let alone be researched in pure paper form. Unfortunately, the latter is exactly what historians (both mainstream and revisionist) are trying to bring about in their studies and politicians are using as cornerstone for all real-life actions. Meanwhile, the truth is so simple and natural that most people fail to see it, seeking for complex theories instead of perceiving the reality as it is. Or was.

All emotions aside, let’s compare the good, the bad and the ugly things in 3rd Reich and USSR.

Third Reich


Concentration camps,

death squads

Used to incarcerate and eliminate political opponents, evident Jews and gypsies.1

Used to eliminate entire “enemy” society classes and ethnicities, outstanding individuals or just anyone caught to meet the plan2.


Self-made man. Military veteran. Political prisoner.

Habitual felon without any proper education or military career.

Political freedom

Anything not hostile to official doctrine was tolerated.

Not praising official doctrine or even non-reporting disagreement with it was enough for prison term.3

Economic freedom

Private property. Private ownership of means of production.

“No private property” doctrine. All means of production belonged to state. Farm ownership was effectively banned.4

Protest activities


Always punished by GULAG terms or death.

Gun control

Selectively-restrictive, banning weapon possession for Jews.

Restrictive, banning private possession of all handguns6

Famine genocide

(w/o death camps)

No famine cases known

Artificially created, regular famine as communist method of holding the power

Industry, technology

Rapid advance thanks to (then) famous German engineering and favoring regulations.

Forced industrialization that relied on slave labor. Traditional lagging in terms of quality and reliability.

Experiments on humans

Carried out with a purpose to create superior soldiers.

Carried out with a purpose to create ape-human hybrid.7


To create a great European empire for Germans and their allies without regard to “inferior” nations.

World domination a.k.a. “World revolution”

An ideal citizen

“Aryan” human being granted with superior physical abilities and beauty, loyal to his/her country and leader.

Lowborn proletarian.

1. Passports in 3rd Reich had no “ethnicity” mark, unlike in USSR. Many not-so-evident (by appearance and given name) Jews have been able to avoid persecution, enlist the military or even help the regime serving in police forces. Now those facts are abused in all ways possible by sensation-happy conspiracy theorists.

Moreover, before coming to “final solution” Nazis tried different ways to banish “unwanted” people from Germany. In contrast to that, commies practiced ultimate eradication of “public enemies” since 1917.

2. There was a plan for everything in USSR. Even for number of “public enemies” to be arrested and executed (top secret evidence, very unpleasant for ruskies and their comrades).

3. Soviet laws determined “non-reporting of anti-soviet speeches and activities” (virtually anything could be interpreted as the latter) as act of treason punishable by long-term GULAG incarceration.

4. Peasants, forced into kolkhoz, were forbidden to have a passport until 1974. In fact that was restoration of serfdom with full state monopoly.

5. The most noticeable example was protest of German women married to Jews at Rosenstraße, Berlin in 1943. Not only the protesters avoided any harm; their arrested husbands were granted full amnesty.

6. The handgun ban enforced by bolsheviks still remains in effect in modern Russia.

7. When the relevance and usefulness of such subhuman “experiments” became obsolete, the Soviets switched to experimenting on human brains, most likely with the same purpose. Try to use a Web translator on this unique material if you can’t read Russian.

Did you notice that columns aren’t named “National Socialism” and “Communism?”

Like I said, there is no bare ideology without people who follow it. And here, we see a very interesting (and very politically incorrect) thing: even creating evil totalitarian regimes, not all nations are doing it in the same way. That’s why population of territories once conquered by Soviets (Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Caucasus) was greeting advancing Germans and many people willingly joined the Wehrmacht or even SS troops. Racial theory was the last thing they were thinking about. I’ll return to that matter later on.

Knowing no words of Conscience and Honor, Stalin was about to act just like in times of his political career when he backstabbed his way to the top. One must admit that Germans were smart and brave enough to strike first facing imminent threat of red invasion***, therefore saving at least the Western Europe from being completely overrun by red thugs but again, it’s hardly a merit of Stalin-loving, russophilic Nazi administration that planned co-existence with USSR. Being inferior in numbers but far more superior in skills and morale, Germans almost brought an end to enemy of all humankind – unfortunately, saved by corruption of Allied powers. And by “corruption” here I do not mean fighting against Hitler’s regime (like many revisionists do). I mean fighting in favor of Stalin’s regime of congenital thugs and subhumans.


*** Suvorov’s “Ice-breaker” is the best piece of analysis here. However, there are many other mutually independent sources like memoirs of German soldiers or civilian witnesses that confirm the fact of Soviet offense preparations.