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“Those who sacrifice Liberty for Security deserve neither.”

-Benjamin Franklin

I’m completely unsurprised by what’s going on in Europe.

It may be shocking for some people living far away but I’ve been watching it from the inside while trying to stand my ground there. And I saw enough in the past to see now that evil “rapefugee” thugs didn’t come out of nowhere. Neither did their fellow native scumbags (that any nation has) or red mafia comrades. By evident reasons, homegrown, let alone russian thugs and rapists won’t be targeted by RTBS-sputnik-lifenews lapdogs who erupt scary stories about “evil Islamist rapists” on full-auto each new day, trying to get the world’s attention after their miserable failure to paint Ukraine as “evil Nazi junta”. (The most notorious example was a fake story of 13-year-old russian girl Lisa gang-raped by migrants. How russian of them, nation of commie rapists condemns rape. Just like rebuking the very war they started in Ukraine.)

Negative credibility of ruskies is not a subject of discussion – it’s a fact clearly seen by any reasonable person now. Unfortunately, their politically correct “opponents”* aren’t much better in terms of trustworthiness so it can be quite challenging to understand what’s really going on in Europe without any stereotypes made either in Moscow that suddenly chose to stand for Europeans (just like their boy-loving kingpin Putin “protects family values” or their soviet predecessors stood for “peace in entire world”), or Brussels where officials will sing kumbaya even while being raped themselves.

With a simple analysis of open facts from preceding “peaceful” years of EU one can get an evident picture, definitely not favorable for both leftist crowd and their “far-right” opposition underground (that has nothing to do with the true Right**). It doesn’t tell any good about common Europeans either, who most likely will be mad at me for slaying their sacred cows. Well, it’s always easy to label people and be mad at them; to be responsible for own actions is another story. As I was unable to do things in my way in Europe, I have left and didn’t feel a slightest regret since. The following reasoning and conclusions are for those who can understand at least what personality is and consider more things in this world than “happiness-unity-diversity” mantra.

The fact to begin with is, there ARE thugs, rapists, thieves and hoodlums amongst asylum seekers as well as amongst any other group of people taken randomly. But here, right where abuse of facts tends to start, a reasonable man should always ask several simple questions.

1) Isn’t impunity for all criminals one of the most desired liberal dreams?

2) Aren’t foreign thugs sharing the same impunity with native ones in mawkish liberal Europe?

3) Isn’t that attractive for scumbags who won’t think too long about relocation, especially facing incarceration, showdown or lynching in their homeland? (If non-violent Hindus are getting THAT angry at rapists, it’s easy to imagine what can happen in some Islamic country…)

4) Wasn’t the current state of affairs a result of long-term policy and who is responsible then?

Non-violence always was a liberal’s favorite trump card. Who can resist promises to live in paradise where one doesn’t need to worry about prevention of crime and safety is guaranteed by the Big Wise State? Who needs to enforce Law and Order and be vigilant when everybody loves each other? Only some moldy, trigger-happy cowboys and their southern bandido Latino neighbors that can never understand the joy and enlightenment of EU. Too bad it didn’t work for Europeans when real challenges came around.

No proof is required to understand that trouble is bound to bring most disastrous results when the people are unprepared to face it, either physically or emotionally; matters can be worsened even further by renouncing rational course of action for the sake of political agenda. Which is exactly what European leftists have done in fanatical attempts to create a fake image of borderless hippie utopia.

In Europe, any perpetrator that commits a typical crime against personality (rape, assault, battery) is granted with, first of all, street impunity. Not only common people are disarmed, thus having no chance against gorilla-sized thug (or a bunch of not so big thugs). Even improvised non-lethal self-defense is criminalized in oh-so-humane Europe that apparently values scum more than honest people. And that has begun not just recently; reports from years back are showing the same pattern of thuggery encouraged by impunity. Hit a booze, team up with buddies of the same degenerate kind and beat someone who can’t respond.

While the citizens have no right for self-defense, police forces are unable, unwilling or forbidden to fight ANY thuggery effectively, not just Islamic or African one. A few people remember about commie protests in France of 1968 – very similar to modern European riots. With the same purpose of getting free stuff and impunity, but a little difference: the protesters were ethnic Frenchmen. And back then, the Gendarmerie failed as miserably as they did in 2005. Or doing it every day, plain and simple, just doing nothing in their fancy uniforms as most of their EU colleagues.

As final warranty of impunity, there is always kid gloves treatment in courts, race card defense if applicable (if not, “human feelings” of scumbag work just fine) and (better to say, IF the case ends in prison term) incarceration conditions comparable to some kind of resort hotel. Even for mass murderers and terrorists. So I think the first two questions above had been thoroughly answered – there is nothing “inside-out-Nazi” with European migrant crisis. All scumbags are equally happy in libtard dystopia named EU, regardless of their skin color. Third question is mostly a rhetorical one. Of course European migration policy sucks – bit does it alone or there is something much more serious?

Regardless of what PC crowd is chanting, democracy reflects national character of its people, not the same in two different countries. My readers should know already that I came to South America after leaving EU. There is enough of libtards and power-hungry wannabe tzars but living in several of its countries I’ve never faced thuggery like in oh-so-civilized Europe, despite all that bandido Latino image (created mostly by scaremonger media and slum-dwelling gringo backpackers). Of course South America has its own flaws but its main and ultimate superiority in comparison to politically correct Europe is that people do not find it fancy to be miserable. Impoverishment is a problem indeed but not a fetish, unlike in EU, where the natives absolutely voluntarily renounce powerful electronics, household appliances, accessible fast food, cars… What’s worse, where Latinos don’t give a damn or openly spit on liberal inventions, Europeans sing in sheeple choir “Baa baa, this is good for us!” gladly bowing to any insane will of liberals or just being afraid to be labeled as “moldy chauvinists”.

I’ve mentioned non-political stuff not without a reason and not for the first time. I wouldn’t expect much of resolve from someone who enjoys to be miserable at home. Hippie-minded Europeans were coming towards what they have now at full throttle (or better to say, pushing pedals like crazy), electing liberal tzar officials and politicians who at first disarmed the population, then banned basic things that every free and reasonable man should possess, then turned simple stuff into caste privileges and finally made everyone into miserable walking targets. Now Europeans are complaining to government about the very results of their own course of action, having in fact no one to blame but themselves. If one not only finds it fancy to be miserable and defenseless, but also prevents those who still have some brains left from straightening out the situation (it’s enough to look at any forum where anti-gun, anti-car, Evil Global Warming fanatics face people from America to see all European hatred towards a lifestyle not dictated by libtards), he has to prepare for consequences. Like living in Orwellian dystopia where Personality is a foreign term and someone is more equal than others.

Speaking of Personality, I see no faction in modern EU that could show a true respect towards it. On the left, there are commie fanatics labeling as “Nazi” anyone not agreed with their insane suicidal projects. On the other side (supposed to be right), a bunch of National Socialists dreaming of Great Wise State that should care about the people and banish all the criminals. And between them, a huge liberal crowd chanting “non-violence” slogans, trying to fight against thuggery with flowers, teddy bears and clown attire.

They have differences indeed but all three ideologies share the same leftist contempt towards a single most important thing: Dignity of a Personality not enveloped by stereotypical crowd. And the same leftist love affairs with Moscow. Therefore I do not see any chance to reclaim Law and Order in modern Europe where the last representatives of true Right were Lech Kaczynski and his Government, murdered by Putin’s thugs with much aid from lackeys of Moscow.

Without getting rid of pathologically leftist, insane self-humiliating mindset, Europeans aren’t going to do anything with, let’s finally call the thing with its own name, rampant street thuggery. Let alone international thuggery, especially one that comes out of Kremlin and BTW has A LOT to do with refugee crisis in the West.


*Just remember who were the best friends of thug Putin before the Maidan Revolution.

**Before trying to object, find at least one European faction that stands for the laws in favor of Personality (like small Government, armed self-defense, castle doctrine, Stand Your Ground rule, easy driving license regulations, promotion of little businesses…) and doesn’t share Moscow love affairs with their PC rivals.