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An old proverb in russian interpretation says, what a sober man has in his mind drunk has on his tongue.

Scumbag named Vladimir Zhirinovsky is truly a drunk tongue of Kremlin. Whatever they are planning in their secret rooms, he wanders into talk shows as a boozed skomorokh and blabbers out all putin’s dreams, just like after bombing in Brussels.

“Acts of terrorism will happen all over the Europe! And this IS PROFITABLE FOR US! Let them croak and drop dead!”

Looks like russian thug has completely lost last pieces of any caution. No surprise when his kind is so welcome by “hostile West”. Personally Zhirik has his grandchildren living in the very Europe he wants to see “croaking” and a warm welcome in U.S. embassy.

scumbag-feastNot alone, of course. Another pig-faced russian scumbag clearly recognizable on the same event (July 4 in Moscow U.S. embassy) is his buddy Vsevolod Chaplin, famous by his “orthodox Taliban” rabid obscurantist agenda. And those two cases are just an example from ocean of russian shit that floods the West.scumbag-feast-2BTW, both worked in OSCE that, just like all pioneers of “human rights” and “democracy” seems to have no problem partnering murdeorus terroRussian thugs and their scumbag leaders.

Still wondering why no one can win so-called “War on Terror?”