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Being pro-marijuana has become a vital part of “progressive” trend those days, apparently secondary in liberal’s wishlist only to gun bans and homosexual mock-marriage. And when something is labeled as “progressive”, it’s automatically recognized as the only right opinion by crowd of tantrum-happy pioneers eager to force facts into submission. Just as in case of homosexual mock family unions, the entire countries are falling into marijuana legalization hysteria while banning the most basic things like self-defense or driving.

It’s time for another unpopular debunking of mainstream myths. Scientists (at least those who refused to bend over) are speaking about impact that marijuana has on brain/nerves; however, talking in terms of experience and logic (well-known to be feared by liberals as much as armed and thinking population) can be even more baneful than naked science for mainstream lies. I have no goal of convincing drug users to quit (there is plenty of dedicated organizations for that purpose) but I do hope that my stuff can help in fighting loudmouth trolls, ready to shove their “if-you-disagree-you-are-moldy-chauvinist” agenda in every face they encounter.

flush-weedThe first (and most stupid) argument of marijuana activists is that their beloved plants are “natural” and even related to some (here comes the name of a popular food/beverage ingredient), therefore they can bring no harm. Well, the death cap is related to some edible mushrooms closely enough to cause a mistake with rather morbid consequences. And it’s 100% natural as well as infamous Aconitum. People used to kill each other with NATURAL poisons long before they invented chemistry because Nature, just like Technology, can’t be kind or evil per se.

Speaking of kind side of Nature, some claim that they need cannabis as painkillers; regardless of credibility of such demands (always questionable when drug dealing is lurking around), it doesn’t mean that marijuana-based medicine should be freely available. Just imagine what happens if pharmacies begin to sell codeine or whatever-amine drugs over the counter like aspirine. The world is far from perfection and that’s why there is such a thing as prescription.

The next pro-marijuana statement is “stoners aren’t aggressive, unlike drinkers”. It’s hard to gather documentary evidence on this matter as one should carry on a very unusual investigation, infiltrating both camps with apparent irreversible changes of credibility. I consider it a self-created hippie stereotype. Their showoff pacifist attitude was hard to miss (what all leftists have beneath mawkish pacifist talking is another story) but it’s barely an effect of “magic weed”, since mindset as basis for the subculture doesn’t come in drug form. One should remember that rappers and chavs (both are definitely far from non-violence) actually “relax” the same way as hippies do, having nothing against whacking someone “for fun”. Maybe even the very hippie that farmed the very “peace weed” they’ve been smoking. Shit happens.

Also, an important detail is being habitually omitted here – “not violent” is NOT equal to “not causing trouble”. Self-destruction by means of drugs or alcohol is a personal choice, but unfortunately, (ab)users always live in a society which suffers consequences of their “fun” often more than abusers themselves. Would you like, for example, to live in apartment block underneath a bunch of fiesta-happy stoners (by some reason they can’t get stoned alone) or share the highway with some dunce who considers it cool to play 2F2F after some “pot therapy”? Especially when their doped asses can’t be locked up cause drugs are legal and junkie hullabaloo is considered “absolutely normal” in oh-so-progressive society…

Speaking of incarceration, next mantra in a row is that legalization of their dear weed can somehow curb drug-related crimes. As if drug dealers would cast ashes on their heads, march in organized rows to register their “businesses”, renounce other related activities that are still unlawful (scrap stockpiles of illegal guns, burn down (still) illegal meth labs etc) then sit around the fire and have a big happy “peace joint” singing kumbaya. Seriously, this typically liberal attempt to de-criminalize crime reminds me of allowing perverts to wander into restroom regardless of ladies/gents sign, under slogan of “human rights”. Becoming legislated, bad things turn only worse.

Another problem here is, organized crime and black market exist regardless of free availability. Russian vodka has been a state monopoly since times of Tsarist Empire. Considering Gorby’s unfortunate experience, they cut down vodka prices each time when their shithouse is about to go up in flames and it really works like charm (86% support for dickhead putin is no laughing matter). However, it never stopped moonshiners who offer “extra kick” cheap shitty booze diluted with chemicals to yokels and wage epic wars over clientele or just bust each other’s heads over some roubles. A matter of culture and morality (or lack of any) mostly. If someone wants to kill over a stock of drugs/moonshine he’ll do it no matter if the stock is legal or not.

Some claim that many weed smokers are very civilized, successful and wealthy persons, showing fancy employment/salary/family statistics. Hardly a proof, since such examples are hand-picked and one can be a trouble-maker regardless of personal wealth. Living in South America, I’ve seen rich neighborhoods full of elitist good-for-nothing assholes who regularly get themselves stoned, then yell like horny monkeys and blast some crappy degenerative “music” all night or go racing their pimped rice burners. And all of them indeed have fancy corporate jobs that allow to do nothing while getting wads of cash to have such a “civilized” life.

And the last of stoner’s trump cards is that marijuana “makes people happy”. Well, if someone considers it good to achieve happiness with mind-altering drug and has no REAL things to do in this life that can make him/her happy in truly NATURAL way, it’s definitely not a thing to boast with.

No surprise that the absolute majority of pro-marijuana crowd demonstrates fanatical support of leftism and this sympathy is mutual. Liberals truly couldn’t have wished for a better electorate that doesn’t even need brainwashing. In a typical state of mind shifted to lowly heights of cheap fake pleasures, in artificially created feeling of no-responsibility, they have finally found a perfect cure for all problems in the world. Everyone is happy, everything is fine, no wars gonna happen. All troubles can be easily fixed with a new reefer… well, unless unfortunate stoner finds himself beyond any reefers. And any mortal trouble.