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Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.

An ancient wisdom

Though Hellstorm authors did a thorough job exposing Allied war crimes, their narrative regarding Soviet ones is very facile, bearing resemblance to National Socialist propaganda. Like a horde of mongoloid savages incited by evil Jews with poor russians somewhere in between enduring horrors of war. I’ll return to those stereotypes later; now it’s time for little-known facts about dear friends of western Allies, important not only for understanding who was who in the past. Modern impunity of a terrorist state named Russia is in fact a continuance of things that happened in WW2 – unfortunately, mostly missed in Hellstorm.

Many terrible things are being told in documentary about Dwight Eisenhower. However, not a single word about his warm relations with commies. I can’t understand why Hellstorm authors were so reluctant even to mention Eisenhower’s russian counterpart and dear friend, soviet marshal Georgy Zhukov. Like it was said centuries ago, friends can describe someone as good as personal dossier. The following facts are not classified; they can be found in open sources and books, but most of them remain in original (Russian or Ukrainian) language. As far as I know excellent works by Viktor Suvorov on this matter (“Shadow of Victory”, “Marshal of (Cou)Rage1”) have never been translated into English. Even revisionists pay a little attention to such facts (and that’s one of their biggest mistakes).

Everyone in revisionist community knows about Soviet war crimes in Europe, but very little is known about Soviet war crimes in USSR. A nickname “The Butcher” wasn’t provided to Zhukov for nothing. Even the most vile deeds of Eisenhower look like childish play compared to what Zhukov used to do – with his own people.

Beginning his career in Tsarist Empire cavalry he quickly changed his allegiance in 1918, becoming a Red Army volunteer. After taking part in a number of genocidal raids against own population that opposed Soviet regime (gassing villages, executing peasants during Tambov unrest etc.), he was quickly promoted to Stalin’s favored circle of top dogs where he not only survived so-called “purge” in late 1930s but managed to advance even higher.

Even fellow commie goons were disgusted by Zhukov. Marshals Budyonny, Yeryomenko, Rokossovsky, Vasilevsky, Konev all like one remembered him as power-hungry and violent in their not-so-known notes. And his unlucky subordinates saw nothing more than extremely dumb, often drunk, sadistic perverted narcissistic asshole tyrant with typical thuggish habits of NKVD staff. If Zhukov was inspecting troops in some town, local boys (best friends and admirers of the military) had a non-stop watch to help officers avoid meeting him on the street. Yes, you got it right – officers of the “glorious” Red Army were running away from their own high commander.

In WW2 Zhukov demonstrated a complete lack of any strategic skills that cost his country millions of soldiers, countless amount of resources wasted in chaos of first days of war (thanks to “not answer to provocations” directive) and then catastrophic offensive operations. But he cared a little, openly boasting “we shouldn’t pity soldiers – women will give birth to more!”, if not using cannon fodder tactics to eliminate “enemy” people.

During the battle of Dnipro (Dnieper), that rabid Stalin’s dog ordered to send newly recruited untrained Ukrainians, often without any weapons right on German pillboxes – of course with NKVD SMGs pointed at their backs. And he spoke about that, literally, “Why the fuck we should arm those khokhols? They’re all traitors! The more we’ll drown in Dnieper now, the less we’ll have to deport to Siberia!”

The war still had one more year ahead but red scumbag Zhukov was already planning post-war genocide. His signature was under the order to deport all Ukrainians “familiar with life during German occupation” to Siberia. Crimean Tatars and small Caucasian nations shared the similar fate. Only a catastrophic lack of transport in post-war USSR prevented this from happening as planned.

That was not only one order of such kind signed by red butcher Zhukov. In 1941, he supported execution of hostages from POW families. Anyone captured by Germans was declared a “traitor” and subjected to death sentence (should he return from captivity by any means) as well as POW’s family members. In 1942, punishment was lowered to exile or GULAG term. In practice, some Soviet POWs were falsifying their data in German camps to save their families…

But let’s get back to the battlefield. Or more likely, safe rear where Zhukov preferred to dwell. In final days of the war, a supply truck passed his motorcade in attempt to deliver ammo to the battlefront collapsing before fierce German resistance. Hopping in rage, Zhukov sent his goons to chase and capture unfortunate truck driver, then tore his driving license to little shreds and ordered to, literally, “beat him up, piss on him and throw to ditch!” (Luckily for driver, he was released when rabid Stalin’s dog didn’t stay to watch how such orders will be enforced.)

As a marshal, Zhukov decided to loot like a boss and that’s where he crossed the line of basic russian rule “thou shalt not steal more than thy kingpin”. That could be an epic commie showdown, if not his buddies from high command (according to Victor Suvorov’s opinion, acting in fear of a second “purge” that could be triggered by Zhukov’s arrest). So the glorious thug was silently moved to less influential position with his “hero” status preserved and multiplied for the nation of serfs each new generation, later becoming one of untouchable idols of victory rabies cult that replaced Stalin himself in “history” written by red lackeys.

In 1956, Zhukov participated in suppression of Hungarian anti-communist revolution. For that the bastard was awarded with his 4th “Hero of the Soviet Union” star. He didn’t abandon his love towards butchering of own soldiers as well; in 1954 nuclear weapons have been tested on Soviet army live targets near Totskoye (Ural district) under his direct command.

Ruskies adore to portray their leaders as bearers of titanium balls, much helped by choir of Western dumbasses. Zhukov was no exception, being praised by russophiles for his fake machismo in the same way as now the corrupt Right glorifies thug Putin. And just as him, Zhukov loved to cry like a little girl. The reason could be promotion to lesser position than expected, lack of guests at New Year feast or denial of invitations to party meeting. Titanium balls indeed, as genuine as glorious russian photos and alive WW2 veterans with Tsarist Empire decorations.

Of course such an example of commie virtues was also very chaste in has personal life, preaching morality and family values at every opportunity. And having 4 “wives”, interloping and fighting each other (it’s only what was known for sure). And giving to his “field-campaign wife”2 Lidya Zakharova, officially, a simple nurse, Orders of the Red Star, the Red Banner and lieutenant’s rank (in Soviet medical troops, the highest rank allowed for nurses was a sergeant). Obviously for her moral “purity” of the same kind.

Knowing all that, I feel no slightest surprise being told about war crimes and post-war genocide made by commie-loving Eisenhower and his buddies. I wouldn’t expect anything other from anyone who befriends russian thugs with such a zeal that russophilia becomes a family tradition3. However, I am surprised by stupidity of the West that failed to realize an obvious thing: Regardless of loud statements of the past or mawkish speeches of modern days, it is NOT possible to stand for Justice in coalition with lowlife subhumans that embraced thuggery as a lifestyle. Those who claim otherwise have either no brains or no conscience.

The WW2 indeed was the worst in History, but not because of what Hellstorm authors are saying. It was the worst war in History because it has been waged in alliance with red thugs and in their favor by both of other main belligerents. Because its outcome made red thuggery a sacred cow, giving it right for existence and a free way to all kinds of dirty deals with red mafia state. Because it has allowed red thugs to torture and exterminate enslaved nations in a frenzy of thuggish impunity for many decades. And last but not least – because it created a solid basis for new Red Terror escapades and terrorist campaigns.

All that is result of befriending red thugs.



1. Language-specific wordplay. Direct translation would be “Marshal of Trouble”. Russian word for “victory” is “pobeda”, without two first letters this word turns into “trouble” (“beda”) which is often used in jokes, or in this case, in Suvorov’s bitter truth.

2. Soviet slang name for affairs with female army staff.

3. Eisenhower’s granddaughter went even further when she married Roald Sagdeev, whose lapdog efforts to support Soviet repressions are not being concealed even by PC media. (BTW, how did he manage to bypass U.S immigration law that forbids entry for inciting political persecutions?)