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It’s definitely not a good month to be a ruskie. “Victory day” debauchery not attended even by most loyal asslickers (who obviously became more careful after Yanukovich’s escapade), then Ukrainians win Eurovision first prize and finally one of the most famous enemies of Mordor, Nadiya Savchenko, comes back home in POW exchange – having her courageous spirit completely undamaged despite all hardships of captivity.

nadezhda_MsKrIe2.1200Unlike politically correct dummies, I have no doubts that Savchenko was innocent and russian court proceedings were just another piece of their wannabe-GULAG politics. But speaking in bare terms of jurisprudence, besides acknowledging that ONE Ukrainian girl is worth TWO pampered GRU (Spetsnaz) goons, putin has pardoned Savchenko bypassing his own laws exactly by Sharia law that allows to close a court case if victim’s relatives “forgive” the defendant. And that means, this time putin really pooped in his KGB pants.

Looks like he learned Sharia trick from Kadyrov while polishing his boots in Chechnya. Too bad no one in Russia will notice, being busy with involuntary Sputnik disease so common amongst ruskie patriots during this May.