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Saw this article by Olga Nezhnikova on UAinfo today. Not something extraordinary for Ukrainians to say but most of Westerners definitely lack such kind of mental clarity and resolve regarding Russia. So I chose it for translation, adding several links and footnotes for better understanding.

You know why I don’t believe that Russia can become a normal country, not even in distant future? Reason isn’t really Putin alone or zombie propaganda, folks. And comparisons to Hitler’s Germany won’t do here as well.

Now I’m observing some kind of chemical action in dumb ruskie ass-heads. Currently, regarding the bridge named after Kadyrov Sr. and Mannerheim plaque1 in St.Petersburg. Ruskies are just outraged, unable to get it. And some of them, those who were fire-farting for their tzar only several months ago, now have skimpy nervous impulses burrowing through putrefactive matter in their heads. Like, “maybe the tzar is not genuine”2 after all?

But the problem isn’t that it will end in failure and no one comes out to protest. Even with protests, nothing will change basically. Even with overthrow – NOTHING will change. The problem is that those 86%, or 90%, or whatsoever are absolutely immoral by their nature. Like amoebas, or liver flukes, or staphylococcus. They simply don’t have genes responsible for morality and decency.

Putin didn’t turn russians into such creatures. On the contrary, russians chose that fish-eyed pathetic bald mongrel to praise as their tzar. And if yesterday they all were straining their asses with eyes popping out to endorse Putin who “taught those damn Ukries3 a lesson” and “scared the entire world”, today they’re whispering to each other carefully – what if things would preserve that course, will the renounce of Crimea become imminent in the end?

The biggest fear of ruskies, making them sleepless in cold sweat at night, is that someday they’ll be forced to return what they stole. To give up dreams of “russian world” and “radioactive ashes”. To apologize for their thuggish escapades. What such a creature will do, realizing that the tzar is not genuine? It will come and find another tzar, big bad one who won’t be “pissing himself” and will “nuke those damn pindoses for good”!

Slowly, understanding of a fact that Putin is a small-time wimpish street thug comes to russians. Very slowly, but it happens. Not with everyone, not en masse yet – just like lone first swallows. But there is completely no understanding of their own abominations and it’s not gonna change. And that is the most terrible thing.


  1. Concerning the Washington Post material. Before evil Finns have decided to side with even more evil Germans in WW2 and watch in vicious rapture how poor kind-hearted rusisans are dying in Leningrad, there was a little event named Winter War. In which USSR attacked Finland, repeatedly bombed Finnish cities and captured Karelian Isthmus. But politically correct idiots from AP apparently have their own version of History, “strangely” resembling commie bullshit.

  2. A catchphrase from well-known Soviet comedy, humorously depicting outrage of serfs.

  3. Newly invented russian ethnic slur for Ukrainians.


Often, I see how common people without fancy education and overwhelming set of academic degrees are demonstrating much better understanding of politics (and reality in general) than specially prepared elitists. Russians are indeed nation of congenital subhuman thugs with unsatisfiable lust for wars and genocide that can’t be even peacefully isolated, let alone converted to civilized one.

Currently, it’s problem of Ukraine mostly, but by either deliberate denial of reality or corrupt servitude to Kremlin, Western elites are pushing the world towards dreadful times when russian thuggery will become everybody’s problem.