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Russian feast is not just eating alone. What a swine one would be just pigging without a proper, highly spiritual entertainment that involves historical memory about past glory?

Like evens of Red Terror, celebrated in Moscow this weekend. Muscovites were especially amused by reconstruction of stalinist arrests, where any patriotic ruskie could try himself in a role of a public enemy in hands of NKVD under cheering and booing of patriotic crowd – all eager to rush towards a new GULAG.

moscow1moscowNote a jolly look on faces of “arrested” ruskies. Looks like real-life NKVD thugs (now named as “FSB”) are about to have much trouble with their prisoners choosing a proper torture. No matter how deep a cannon ramrod will be in russian ass or how hard a hand will be nailed to the table, a true patriot of Russia will always meet hardships of Putin’s GULAG as profoundly and thoroughly enjoyable. With “davai-davai” cheering.