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Just a quick post on one of the most popular matters those days. NOT recommended for minors and people unfamiliar with russian reality!

Everybody knows what “backstabbing” means for ruskies and how offended they become finding some foreign sharp object in their back. But you most likely don’t know what means “to make ruskies sit on a bottle” – not only due to hard translation of great and mighty (mostly with its illogical rules) Russian language. And neither due to specific slang of some little group, those words are making ruskies go Sputnik on all (uncensored) former Eastern Bloc political forums.

Being placed together in army service, ruskies are following their hazing traditions (the more one serves, the higher he advances in prison-like hierarchy, slowly but more or less certainly, if not killed in process, climbing from everybody’s b#tch to kingpin of the barrack). But funny things happen when russians are diluted with the conscripts from Caucasian mountains. No matter how close is ruskie to his discharge, he is always a b#tch for even the weakest Caucasian rookie who always has a support of his fellow countrymen. Unlike russians, who continue to thrash each other even then. Glorious russian officers are running booze shopping for dear Kadyrov’s pets, and glorious russian soldiers… well, they sit on bottles when the booze in finished. Literally.

Doesn’t match the “Noble White Savior of Europe”, “proud white nation”, “Christian values” BS which russian “alternative media” has been spreading on full-auto for the last several years, does it? Well, it’s not a sensation that ruskies and truth aren’t on friendly terms. Neither that ruskies love to abuse and be abused is in any way revealing, it has been their way of life since the Genghis Khan invasion. Even if it includes inflicting self-harm for kingpin’s amusement. However, something new definitely happened quite recently and it is closely related to things told above – much closer than the MSM is trying to paint.

I wasn’t a big fan of Mr. Trump as a presidential candidate mostly because of his friendly gestures towards Kremlin thugs. But that didn’t force me (unlike many others) into supporting his main opponent cause no “friend” of Russia can be as destructive for his own country (and consequentially the entire Western world) as leftist fanatic with a dream to make good people (well, ones that still exist) weak and miserable under mawkish slogans of “political correctness”, “social justice” “equality” etc that stink to high heaven with GULAG shit. As always, the MSM was too busy to notice, making tons of stories like how russian hackers helped Trump to win or how evil sexist Trump wants every woman raped and chained to the stove.

Of course Obamaists (if they managed to reach this far without going nuclear) will crank up a standard obam-anthem about how their Great Wise Leader stopped russian aggression in Ukraine. How he succeeded in bringing peace to Syria. How he saved the planet from greenhouse meltdown and so on and so on. Well, Kool-aid always was leftie’s inspiration. The inconvenient (both for left and corrupt Right) truth is, what Obama did to Russia is something like giving a street thug money, free meals, gym and firing range access with full impunity in courts until thug grew into a full-fledged terrorist and raised hell successfully destroying half of the city for his own entertainment. Then the liberals stepped in with kumbaya mantras and utopia projects intended to “stop violence”. (BTW, reminds you of something?)

It’s not hard to guess who benefits from weakness of good guys (or good countries). Who really needs leftist fanatics in office to turn once great nations into brainwashed, disarmed sheeple deprived of sense of right and wrong who can be enslaved without firing a single shot.

Leftists have many smart-ass ideas, but converted to an absolute statements all they turn into three simple words: MAKING EVERYONE MISERABLE. To be perfectly clear, as miserable as they are themselves. Take away all that makes you strong, then please every kind of human filth on Earth, and then scream in everybody’s face “Lookie lookie, how spirited and enlightened we are, perfectly equal, perfectly happy, and you are not, therefore thou shalt be converted!” (of course except for those who are more equal than others). No matter if it’s done through red terror like in Soviet Russia or politically correct tyranny like in modern EU – socialism will always be socialism. Made in Russia. Directed by Russia. Enforced by Russia. Fortunately, not gonna happen it the next four years in America.

That was said with conjecture if Trump continues to be as friendly towards Russia as he was during his campaign. However, one can easily see changes in his rhetoric already – and they don’t look too good for ruskies who were enjoying full impunity during Obommie’s time in office. Regardless of Trump’s past dealings with Russia, his first steps in big politics demonstrated that he’s simply not such kind of guy that receives a face full of sh#t and then smiles in return (like Clinton would have done in continuance of liberal traditions). Trump is indeed a populist, but for the country where the majority of population ain’t gonna bend over in front of Russia (or any other wannabe-kingpin) populism is not a thing to be concerned about – some leftist tyrant with a complete disregard towards reason would have been a concern incredibly worse.

It seems to be wired that way – all dear friends of Russia are ending up as “backstabbers” and “enemies” sooner or later. And the dearer, the deeper their treacherous tools cut into naïve and unsuspecting, yet patriotic russian backside that somehow keeps appearing out of the blue in the most unexpected places. Sometimes ruskies get brave enough for some “sacred war”-esque retaliation. The problem is that russian bravery is a very complicated thing depending (in inverse proportion) on many factors of deterrence as opponent’s size, toughness and overall readiness to kick little green asses. That’s why sometimes Russia is brave enough to start a war, but not enough to admit the fact of own belligerence.

Now their dearest still-friend Trump has a biggest (really existing) nuke arsenal on Earth with Army far exceeding russian one in all its features. A battle-ready, not BOTTLE-READY one. Let alone a bunch of tough Republican hawks in office, eager to get even for humiliation they suffered under the reign of libtard clowns.

So the logic tells me it won’t be too long until Trump’s bowie finds its cozy place in Russia’s rear, already perforated by Caucasian skewer, Turkish dagger and Ukrainian trident.

And then, indignant patriots of Russia should better hit on vodka for painkilling, saving a bottle to show their traditional appreciation of toughness – at least the native shape will be familiar to them.