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Bad news have wings, and good news indeed travels slowly and silently. Not so long ago I heard that Maksim Mishchenko got a prison term – and the most of outlets somehow failed to notice.

This name alone won’t tell you much (unless you are a Dark Scene veteran born in Russia), so to cut it short, Mishchenko was a leader of Kremlin’s “rumol” (“rossia molodaya”, “young Russia”) komsomol-esque movement and one of the most loyal Putin’s goons, personally responsible for nationwide terror campaign against Goths and Metalheads. He pushed the legislation of “Concept of state politics in the area of spiritual and moral education of Russian Federation youth and protection of their morality”, and claimed to label all Dark Scene as “hostile” to russian spirituality. Many young lives were butchered because of this Putin’s cocksucker. People were expelled from universities and schools, terrorized, harassed, jailed or just killed by both street thugs and their uniformed “police” friends.

And now Mishchenko got what all commie bitches are getting in the end – a reward from Great Wise Leader who is always afraid that some bitch may become wiser and greater than himself.

Official conviction was “fraud”. Yeah, fraud indeed. While Mishchenko’s colleagues are stealing millions from treasury and common ruskies, tell everyone to fuck off and have absolute impunity, he was suddenly punished for petty $10.000 and not allowed even to compensate his guilt by serving in terroRussian military. Well, looks like even a lapdog judge in Russia can have a sense of humor.

Ain’t so jolly and self-confident now, huh?

Hey Mishchenko, you should be happy that your master didn’t decide to put an end to your lowly life like Stalin did to most of his gang in so-called red purge. And if you encounter some Metalhead fellas in Putin’s Gulag, try to be a good bitch. Maybe they will even allow you to clean a “parasha” shit bucket instead of making you, like they say in Gulag, “to stare at its bottom”.